NEW YORK, N.Y. — and its sole fulfillment travel agency provider All Continents travel inc in Los Angeles have been awarded a BB rating with the Better Business Bureau(R). The rating BB is described by the Bureau as a high rating. According to the BBB, “The Company would generally have demonstrated good business-consumer relations, and we would expect any consumer complaints not to be of a serious nature and to be satisfactorily handled by the company.”

Carren Rieger, MD of Farecrawler inc. said “This great result is a tribute to the hard work of our team to provide access to cheap international airfares while providing great customer service though our service team staff at All Continents travel.” is a leading online travel search engine owned and operated by Farecrawler inc. a New York based corporation that is specialized in providing access to millions of cheap airfares to Europe, Asia and Latin America from the United States.

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