AUSTIN, Texas — Solving Light Books announced today that Don McLeroy, controversial Chair of the Texas State Board of Education, has recommended “Sowing Atheism” (ISBN: 978-0-9705438-5-1) by Robert Bowie Johnson, Jr., to other board members and to the general public. McLeroy’s timely recommendation could influence the board’s final decision on the science curriculum scheduled for March 27. The Texas decision will determine what is printed in science textbooks nationwide.

McLeroy extols Johnson’s succinct demonstration that natural selection, the vaunted lynchpin of evolutionist reasoning, is not a scientific principle at all, but rather a mere figure of speech that adds nothing to our understanding of nature. McLeroy has said he plans to raise this issue in the March 26-27 meetings.

Solving Light BooksJohnson, who holds a general science degree from West Point, wrote “Sowing Atheism” in response to the propagandistic book, “Science, Evolution, and Creationism” published by the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) in 2008. According to Johnson, McLeroy expects that “Sowing Atheism” will focus the Texas board’s attention on the “theft of true science” by the atheist-dominated NAS hierarchy.

“I’m delighted with Mr. McLeroy’s endorsement of ‘Sowing Atheism,’ and hope all the board members read it thoughtfully before they vote. Our nation cannot progress morally, spiritually, or politically so long as we permit the NAS to teach our children that they are descended by chance from worms,” Mr. Johnson said.

In his book, Johnson shows that the NAS cannot pick any one of the two million or so living species and identify the species from which it allegedly evolved, nor can the NAS produce any evidence for the alleged evolution of the sexes. Further, Johnson points out, the NAS admits it lacks a “plausible hypothesis” for the origin of life.

How, then, does the NAS sustain its “evolution is a fact” charade? Johnson answers: “The NAS resorts to intimidation and outright seductions which include repetitive false affirmations, disguised tautologies, authoritative obfuscations, and slapping ‘sciency’ lipstick on their no-evidence pig.”

“Sowing Atheism” is available on Amazon and at where it is also available as a free PDF download.

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