SAN DIMAS, Calif. /California Newswire/ — ESI Edgebanding Services Inc., Has announced the full update of HanStone Quartz Surfaces color selections for 2012 on the ESI web site. HanStone Fine Quartz Surfaces combines the natural elegance of quartz with advanced technology to create a new realm of possibilities, dramatic colors and vibrant patterns in a solid surface with Greater strength and resilience.

Hanstone has updated their already rich color palette to include a variety of stunning new colors well suited to the requirements of today's interior design requirements. From the pleasing soft tones of colors like Seaside and Sand Dune to the bold and deep statements of selection such as Mystic Blue and Passion Rouge, home owners and designers alike will be pleased with an array of diverse color patterns in this fine quartz solid surface product.

ESI has carried HanStone Quartz Surfaces as their primary line of solid engineered stone for the last eight years. The extremely hard and dense properties of Quartz make Hanstone the perfect fit as the cornerstone of our solid surface product offering. HanStone uses the finest natural quartz and state of the art technologies, making it among one of nature's hardest surfaces. As a result, HanStone will keep its color, texture pattern and beauty for years to come without sealing or polishing.

"Of all the engineered stone on the market today we have found Hanwa's HanStone product to be extremely consistent both in color and pattern with a polished surface quality that lasts year after year, exceeding other stone products offered in today's market," says Dave Jones, Marketing Director of ESI.

Among the new colors offered are those included in Hanwa's Green Initiative known as GreenGuard. GreenGuard colors are those made with pre-consumer recycled chip content. Hanwa is committed to an environmental program of Reusing and Recycling materials when possible in an effort of reducing the waste of precious raw materials.

In addition to the latest up to date colors of HanStone offered on ESI's web site, visitors will also find a helpful guide to HanStone care and maintenance as well as reliable technical specifications making the application selection HanStone product easy and strait forward.

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