NEWARK, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Engineered Process Solutions, Inc. (EPS) is pleased to announce the launch of a unique risk mitigation tool – the No Lift Pallet Mover. Designed and patented by the CEO of EPS, Mr. Eugene Swinehart, the No Lift Pallet Mover allows any manufacturing or distribution center worker to safely move an empty pallet.

No Lift Pallet Mover
Mr. Swinehart incorporated his over 45 years’ experience in major distribution centers into an ergonomic tool that promotes the safe handling of pallets.

Designed to move commonly used wood or plastic pallets, the No Lift Pallet Mover uses the unique “Tilt, Tilt, Center and Go” methodology.

Please refer to: website for a video demonstration of this method.

Competitively priced, the No Lift Pallet Mover is considered a safety tool that does not require complex training or maintenance. No more pushing and pulling pallets across the shop floor which can cause serious injuries.

The pallet mover is available in two sizes tailored for wood or plastic pallets. Custom sizes are also available. The unit transports the pallet in an upright position allowing it to navigate narrow aisles or congested work areas.

Workers have been at risk for too long – this tool gives all workers the ability to move empty pallets regardless of the worker’s gender, size, height and weight.

Why take risks? Avoiding just a single injury amply justifies the cost of a No Lift Pallet Mover.

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