LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Himself a victim of forking over thousands for a so-called “space-age” memory foam mattress, web entrepreneur and president of, Sarkis Chakarian claims to have unveiled what he calls “a marketing scam of global proportions.” His mission, in his own words, is to “expose the myths surrounding the memory foam industry and to provide an online destination where working-class Americans can afford to purchase their very own memory foam mattress.”

Launching today, promises to be the online discount store for all things memory foam. And at least in Sarkis’ mind, a way to counteract what he calls “The Great Memory Foam Mattress Scam.”

Further elaborating, he continues, “When we think of memory foam, we imagine it supporting a daredevil astronaut who risks his or her life in the name of space exploration and advancing the human race.” According to Sarkis, nothing could be further from the truth. “If you do your research, you’ll find that memory foam was rejected from the space program decades ago. And in fact, there’s no evidence to suggest that one scrap of memory foam ever made it into space.”

He argues that memory foam marketers and manufacturers pull the wool over consumer’s eyes by giving the impression that memory foam is currently used by space-faring nations the world over. “They can thereby charge astronomical prices,” i.e., thousands of dollars for a mattress “which should only cost hundreds.”

“They’re conning the American public into paying sky-high prices for a product that’s relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and cheating working class Americans out of a good night’s sleep by pricing it out of their reach,” Sarkis alleges.

He hopes that the launch of his online mattress outlet – – will signal the beginning of affordable memory foam mattresses for all. Mattresses that, as Sarkis puts it, “don’t cost the earth.”

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