Engate Delivers Unique Network Profiling Connection Management to Anti-Spam, Security Appliance, Router, Firewall and UTM Vendors

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Engate Technology Corporation, a leading supplier of next generation network profiling connection management security solutions, today announced the general availability of Engate MailSentinel(TM) to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors. The Engate solution empowers vendors to differentiate themselves by integrating Engate’s proprietary Network Profiling Connection Management technology into their products. Engate MailSentinel(TM) enables vendors to deliver the industry’s highest level of accuracy of 99.99% against all threats, including, spam, image spam, phish, zombies, denial of service, and directory harvest attacks with a false positive rate of 0.0002%.

In a related announcement, INTERNET TELEPHONY(R) magazine have named Engate’s threat preemption solution as a recipient of the 2006 Product of the Year Award. The award was given in recognition of Engate’s innovation in helping anti-spam software vendors, appliance vendors and equipment manufacturers of routers and firewalls, to preemptively stop malicious threats at the connection level — prior to transmission.

“Engate’s network profiling connection management technology delivers incremental value to hardware and software OEMs who wish to integrate preemptive email boundary security into their anti-spam products and reject a large proportion of spam before it reaches their customer’s gateway and overloaded filters,” said Michael Osterman, President of Osterman Research.

Differentiate with Unique Network Profiling Technology
Engate MailSentinel(TM) is an industry leading proprietary database of analytical information, culminating from 5 years of network profiling of spamming networks. Engate MailSentinel(TM) profiles offending networks and all IP addresses within an offending network; establishing “smart” rules to accurately block malicious traffic at the protocol level. Operating in real time and at network speeds, Engate efficiently accomplishes better accuracy and delivers preemptive protection with less than 12,000 rules; compared to IP blacklists which consist of 1.5 million entries and higher.

Engate MailSentinel(TM) is impervious to threats because it uses source information that cannot be forged or misrepresented. Engate MailSentinel(TM) segregates between legitimate mail servers, and all other network functions, thereby making accurate judgments about the legitimacy of inbound mail without processing delays. Only Engate’s proprietary technology preemptively detects and permanently stops attacks from sources that have never previously sent spam — such as zombies which represent more than 80% of the spam.

Lead the Industry with Preemptive Threat Protection
Engate has the only technology in the industry to preemptively block unwanted email from infested botnets. Residential botnets represent the largest increase in spam over the past year, whereby nineteen out of twenty of the largest spamming networks consist of residential broadband connections. Spammers compromise millions of computers and send an inordinate amount of spam from these “zombies” that should never be sending mail directly. Engate solves this problem by differentiating between legitimate and non legitimate mail transfer agents (MTAs). By doing so, Engate establishes permanent profiles of every IP address in an offending network, whether or not that IP address has sent spam. This results in the preemptive interdiction of inbound email from all illicit MTAs, thereby providing the most innovative approach to threat protection.

“Engate’s network profiling technology provides an innovative approach to stopping email threats by moving the security boundary away from the enterprise application layer, and into the network infrastructure,” said Wil Cochran, CEO, Engate. “Engate is impenetrable to threats because its proprietary technology uses protocol information that can never be forged, resulting in a permanent solution for all threats such as image spam, phish and botnets.”

Augment Your Products with Innovative Connection Management
Acting as a network transparent intercepting proxy, Engate MailSentinel(TM) sits logically in front of the recipient’s MTA; managing the inbound SMTP connection and determining the legitimacy of the source by analyzing the TCP header with a series of proprietary tests. Engate MailSentinel(TM) validates senders’ networks; and transparently directs legitimate email to the protected MTA while interdicting offending email prior to transmission.

While Engate MailSentinel(TM) uniquely functions at 99.99% accuracy without capturing, storing or reading email content; Engate adds incremental value to content filters and application layer security products by radically reducing the volume of unwanted traffic prior to their receipt at the destination mail systems. Once email is determined to be legitimate, Engate forwards email to the receiving MTA for further processing, such as content filters, to identify objectionable material in legitimate email. The result is drastically smaller volumes of email that require application layer filtering, as well as a reduced load on the email infrastructure, setting a new benchmark for customer satisfaction.

Engate MailSentinel(TM) is available immediately to service providers and enterprises and can be licensed to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors. For more information, please contact Engate via email:, telephone: 775.745.7151, or visit the company’s website:

About Engate Technology Corporation
Engate Technology Corporation, winner of the IT Product of the Year award, delivers next generation network profiling connection management security solutions for service providers and enterprises; and can be licensed to anti-spam software, security appliance, router, firewall, and unified threat management vendors. With a leading vision of the email security boundary market direction, the company’s flagship product, Engate MailSentinel(TM), delivers preemptive SMTP connection level protection against all threats. Engate’s proprietary technology operates with or without disk drives, enabling OEMs to integrate threat preemption technology into hardware and software. Engate’s Network Profiling Connection Management technology can be extensible to other protocols, such as Instant Messaging and Internet Telephony, delivering the best safeguard for today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

For more information, contact Engate at 775.745.7151, or visit the company’s website at .

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