DALLAS, Texas — The hamper is full, the kids are screaming and the phone is ringing. Who has time for laundry? Laundry Limo, LLC, serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area, has the answer and the time. With one phone call, or click of the mouse, laundry is picked up, processed and safely delivered back home.

In a world filled with “to-do” lists and work and home schedules, finding free time or simply time to tend to other tasks, is not easy. Laundry Limo alleviates some pressure so their customers not only save time, but energy and money as well. These are precious commodities in today’s busy home and workplace and Laundry Limo can save their customers up to six hours of time per week. Just think about what you could with that?

“Stay-at home moms, new moms and pregnant moms love our new service,” Reginald Hathorn, co-owner, Laundry Limo, says. “Trying to balance it all and make time for everything can be overwhelming; we take some of that stress off.”

Laundry Limo was first conceived while Reginald was working in the corporate world as a business sales manager. His appearance was important; he always had to be starched and pressed. He spent a lot of time picking up, dropping off and washing clothes. As a result, he designed Laundry Limo to save customers’ time and to provide them with a service that is easy and convenient to use.

When Laundry Limo first started, the company only offered dry cleaning pick-up services. However, as time wore on, customers started requesting more services and the company began offering wash and fold services as well.

Laundry Limo provides 24-48 turnaround service. They also tailor laundry services to fit customers’ unique needs.

Not only will busy moms and working professionals benefit from this service but it is also perfect for the elderly. Families can arrange to have their loved one’s laundry taken care of if they are not around to assist. Laundry Limo also caters to the healthcare industry, and commercial businesses such as restaurants, spas and salons.

Laundry Limo has been offering dependable, on-time, affordable laundry service to Dallas/Ft Worth, and surrounding areas since 2002. They are dedicated to helping their customers maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Pick-ups can be scheduled on line or through a simple phone call. For more information, visit:

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