LOS ANGELES, Calif. — While Republican presidential hopefuls are in Ames, Iowa this weekend shaking hands and jockeying for position among party faithful, two new technology tools are being offered to Iowa voters and political junkies. ElectionMall’s eTicketing software and text messaging (SMS) system are being provided through allowing supporters to purchase their tickets online to the Iowa Straw Poll and receive results on their cell phone.

Both of these technologies are firsts for the Ames Straw Poll, as voters continue to demand political organizations to keep up with technologies that increase their participation in the upcoming 2008 elections.

“Technology is impacting voters faster than expected and political parties are having trouble keeping pace,” said ElectionMall founder and CEO, Ravi Singh. “Even large political organizations need assistance implementing technology as they provide voters the ability to participate in Election 2008. Purchasing tickets for the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll is just as simple as buying tickets to a rock concert!”

Ames Iowa Straw Poll TicketsElectionMall’s online fundraising software, Fundraising By Net, a powerful online fundraising software for campaigns and elections, provides a complete eTicketing system. This unique system combines the traditional aspects of fundraising and event management through an online interface allowing users to purchase tickets online and receive an eTicket via email that can be printed and brought to the event. The system is patent pending and integrates into a national, state, and local legal database of “political” disclaimers, eligibility requirements, and compliance laws ensuring that every transaction is safe, compliant, secure and authentic.

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ElectionMall Technologies, Inc., established in 1999, is a world leader in providing Internet-based non-partisan solutions for elections and campaigns, effectively utilizing technology and business expertise to enable candidates, advocacy groups, or nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, and votes. is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.

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