DES MOINES, Iowa — The highly anticipated Iowa Caucus will finally take place this evening and instead of waiting for local and cable news outlets to report the results, Americans can view the Caucus results in real-time. In a historic collaboration between ElectionMall Technologies, the Iowa Republican Party, and Google; voters, bloggers and politicos will be able to view actual county breakdowns once the results are phoned in from the 1,732 Caucus locations.

Instead of waiting for the media to receive reports from traditional broadcast media, precinct results will be available at

Caucus results in real-time “As each precinct announces their results to their participants, those totals will be called into our automated system,” explained Craig Robinson, Political Director of the Republican Party of Iowa. “Those results will be posted immediately on our website by county and transmitted to the Associated Press for dissemination.”

ElectionMall, a non-partisan campaign and election technology firm, is taking the concept of e-democracy beyond academic and pundit circles to the people. With direct access to results, CEO Ravi Singh is hoping that voters will feel more empowered and engaged in the political process that has defined this country.

“Election 2008 will bring technology directly to the voters and voters have been demanding real-time results. Technology not only helps brings transparency to the political process, but also empowers people to engage in democracy 2.0,” says, ElectionMall CEO Ravi Singh.

As a company, Google is also committed to making information more accessible using the best technology available. “We want to give Americans, and people around the world, a front row seat at this first-in-the-nation event,” observed Ginny Hunt, Google Election Program Manager.

From their eight years in the campaign and election industry, ElectionMall has identified over 54 different campaign behaviors and has categorized them into five specific product offerings of: Build, Manage, Raise, Promote and Shop. ElectionMall’s complete product offering successfully encompasses the entire life-cycle of a political campaign.

ElectionMall has been at the forefront of political technology during this presidential cycle as they have worked with the Iowa Republican Party to offer an eTicketing system to the Ames Straw Poll and also offered SMS results of the Ames Straw Poll.

About ElectionMall Technologies, Inc.
ElectionMall Technologies, Inc., established in 1999, is a world leader in providing Internet-based non-partisan solutions for elections and campaigns, effectively utilizing technology and business expertise to enable candidates, advocacy groups, or nonprofits to generate enhanced gains in awareness, funds, and votes. is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. For more information, visit

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