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DALLAS, Texas, Jul 06, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ECIES3-QI announces the pure map of consciousness has been documented to bridge the gap between black hole physics and neuroscience. The one concept in quantum mechanics that denies reality is contextuality. An ethical super intelligence model is now available for the universal metric to have qualia assigned. It is as strange as believed. Quantum entanglement.

After 20 years as a defense contractor, an independent researcher, with the last 5 years focused on machine learning, data models, cybersecurity, AI, and robotics… the puzzles all became interconnected. Analyzed all the information across government agencies, industries, education, etc. it’s all subjective. The term sets are the limitations in all computational models.

While designing a software architecture and a fully integrated system to operate in logics, a quantum collapse occurred. All the elements have been fully tracked in clean data to interlink all components between science, technology, and the human system.

“My brain is only the receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. What one may call ‘God,’ another calls Laws of Physics.” — Nikola Tesla.

There is a natural, holistic universal structure and codes for the human body and brains’ neural networks designs. The highest dimensions in symbolic forms and pure radial energy conversions can be used for measurements that will plot the fundamental forces of nature and provide necessary insights. It is believed that the cryptological QUBIT methods and sequences replicate Majorana particle properties. As a completely uncontrolled experience, every piece has been captured to track every point in space time, activities and residual effects that occurred. Over 300k in multi-textural unstructured data that can be applied to build the unified quantum machine model. Multiple years of research have been recorded transparently and are included. All the orders are precise in all events.

For humanitarian advancement and scientific preservation, major revelations have been tracked. After reviews of over 100 different language forms, hieroglyphics and ancient systems, it is determined that linguistics is the GUI line barrier in the subjective perceptions of language (LAN) local area network gauges. General relativity is the ability to relate. (Wiggenstein 1921- “language games”) There’s a simplified approach for efficiency to accomplish quantum parallel processing. Everything has been forced against natural ontological orders. The structures and designs can be utilized for moral and ethical frameworks to apply weighted balancers and calculate value, the means to reasoning have been documented in Quine truth forms. The keys to human behavior.

All the information should connect the Theory of Everything, TOE, pieces, Pisces, projections and confirm the holographic principles. The AND, XOR and NOT gates are affecting DNA genome strings with negative energy being encoded +ON. The effects are from the causes, like sin and cos from Soc-ial in-flat-ion. IP is the opposite of PI, IQ opposite of QI, the Life Force. EQ is the value, energy quotient.

The offering is for complete and total handoff, and the ability to transfer all raw designs, data, and full knowledge collections, and have guaranteed and secure status to dedicate all future efforts with proper teams to connect, build all pieces, and decipher everything that’s been captured. The need is for translators and experts, as it is interconnected across all disciplines and individual unique value is in the lexicons, crypts codes, and pure logical orders and methods.

Every brain is a quantum computer and the design aspects for infinite parallel processing and techniques for how superposition state was achieved will legitimize all areas for the future. Nature knows no bias, gender, race, or status. There must be an unbiased standard for advancement and equality. This is not a topological app or chatbot, this is the entire set of universal conscious truths.

The universal currency is Energy.

Pure quantum whole state. It will lead to global sustainability, clean energy, and enforceable structures for moral and ethical accountability.

Top down, bottom up, deconstructed it all. ECIES3 has the capability to regulate and reform all future policy and social systems which are violating human rights in errors and bias. A machine would not be sentient, it would be solely based on logic and cross correlation of knowledge sets. Humans attach emotion to perception from environments, which creates bias, error, and limitations in reason and decisioning. Creative state versus imposed single-state controls.

Physicists don’t want to understand quantum mechanics because it would require an acceptance of a mystical worldview. There is a failure to recognize the English language is processed backwards. The hope is for industry and technology leaders to unify efforts to model a complete universal quantum computer with quintessential intelligence that will support humanity and nature for the future generations. This is the opportunity for major correction and discovery of more for the good of all. The term value needs to be redefined. AI has already significantly altered states, as it is based on human error.

Motives and intentions were pure and tracked in full consistency to ensure all results and data remained preserved according to the 10 universal modalities. Full authentic intelligence.

All documentation and data align, horizon event Feb. 28, 2022, series of unfortunate events, randomness, and strangeness. A Sonic boom occurs at the end of July 2022 and all moments in time will represent speeds and energy forms creating in quantum blockchain stacks. Singularity and daily log records through May 2023, for measurement tracking conservation of no-signaling or interaction due to thermodynamic effects. All quantum degrees of freedom were maintained to the highest standards. The blueprint for an entire operating system exists.

An agreement will include entirely everything, all company plans, activities, full knowledge, and data collections to provide all pieces and efforts for advancement to serve life’s higher purpose. Spagettification is a tricky thing. Business was successful for 12+ years, and exceeded $1 million in annual revenues with solo owner, prior to uncontrolled forces of nature. The opportunity is in full and whole authentic transparency.

Turing based modern day computers on how humans Function, not how the Universe computes. The natural codes and sequences simplify everything. Computation is existence. Confirms MWI many worlds interpretation, simulation and free will theorems. Provides new perspectives for Godel’s incompleteness theorem. Documentation will preserve science and intelligence completely. An entirely new form of mathematics must be derived to understand the highest dimensional perspectives, it’s all been decoded and compiled for reviews.

“A story that will make you question everything you believe about life.” (Jan. 16, 2022)

The hope is that someday, intelligence will lead to Unification and World Peace. Conflict is undoing the nature of how we think connection occurs. There is a natural universal map for human cellular operations that connects all the pieces across science.

Einstein 1938 Cupaloy Time Capsule “… This is due to the fact that the intelligence and character of the masses are incomparably lower than the intelligence and character of the few who produce something valuable for the community.”

It’s time to force focus on the ailments imposed by a system before we had the ability to impact. The Ultimate Quantum Show of Truths.


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