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COQUITIAM, B.C., Oct 05, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Aging is a reality that we all deal with, with age-related diseases creating a massive burden on our healthcare system. In recent years, researchers have begun exploring therapeutics that could potentially stave off, or even reverse, some of the deterioration associated with aging. Now, Drink HRW reports that a new randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial that followed elderly participants for 6 months, published online October 1st in Experimental Gerontology, explains that high doses of hydrogen water (HRW), delivered via hydrogen tablets, could be an effective strategy at improving multiple age-related measurements and outcomes in an elderly population.

The randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over trial compared the effects of chronic administration of hydrogen-rich water, created by hydrogen tablets, against baseline conditions and placebo control for numerous markers associated with the aging process in an elderly population (70+). Participants consumed either HRW, or placebo water, for 6 months. HRW lengthened telomeres, whereas the placebo group saw a decrease, improved brain metabolism, lowered subjective reports of pain, improved parameters within the senior fitness test, and led to strong trends regarding improvements in DNA methylation, increased antioxidant activity, and reduced oxidative stress.

Shortening telomeres have been hypothesized as being a causative factor in the aging process. As telomeres shorten, incidence of disease and deterioration increases, and survival outcomes decrease. Additionally, a decline in brain metabolism has been linked to onset of many neurological issues.

Sergej Ostojic, M.D., PH.D., Professor of Medicine at the University of Novi Sad, a senior author of the Experimental Gerontology study said, “We have been investigating hydrogen use in medicine in my lab for over a decade, and we already recognized its potential to improve metabolic health and every-day functioning in elderly. However, this study for the first time demonstrated its potential to improve several molecular and phenotypic biomarkers of aging. It’s perhaps too early to say that hydrogen is an anti-aging compound but this study opens a new chapter in hydrogen research and implementation, and emphasizes several pathways linked with hydrogen action in the human body.”

Alex Tarnava, Chief Executive Officer of Drink HRW said, “The aging process leads to deterioration and disruption in many of the key functions within our bodies. Molecular hydrogen has shown across 2000 publications and 120+ human studies to play a corrective role in restoring many of these proper functions, such as improving metabolic markers, promoting a healthy inflammatory response, and supporting the delicate harmony between our bodies natural levels of antioxidants and beneficial oxidative stressors. This is an important study that demonstrates the potential or high-dose hydrogen therapy to slow down, or even temporarily reverse, some of the deterioration aging causes.”

Tarnava added, “At Drink HRW we deliver the highest dosage and concentration of hydrogen in water instantly available anywhere in the world, and we are committed to supporting research around the world to better understand this important and fascinating molecule. We work with researchers to search for the truth, believing strongly that the researchers, not private companies, should have the sole authority to decide if they will publish results. We believe pursuit of the truth and integrity in research is the best path towards long term growth.”

Sergej Ostojic is a senior biomedical scientist with a broad research background in medicine, applied physiology, and nutrition. He is a board-certified M.D. and holds a Ph.D in Medical Sciences. Dr. Ostojic currently works as a full professor of biomedical sciences at the University of Novi Sad, and an adjunct professor at the University of Belgrade School of Medicine. His research expertise and experience include pre-clinical and clinical development of mitochondria-related nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements, tissue-specific metabolic assessment and translation, and work physiology.

He has authored more than 200 scientific papers, 30 book chapters and books, and 5 patent applications, and has been the recipient of internationally competitive research scholarships including a WADA Scientific Research Grant, the NSCA International Award, research grants from the World Health Organization and European Commission, and many industrial endowments.

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Drink HRW is on a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry with a new, science-based approach. In just 4 years of availability, various research teams have published 9 clinical trials and 4 case studies using their products, with an additional 15+ clinical trials and 4 preclinical research programs underway. Further, the Drink HRW technology is the only molecular hydrogen supplement on the market to obtain New Dietary Ingredient status after filing with the U.S. FDA.

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