SEATTLE, Wash. – Aug. 22 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Students tired of being told what to wear to school may be in luck for the upcoming academic year. Dress Code Violator(TM), a clothing designer with a message, has found a loophole in the mandatory dress code for many schools and is encouraging the exploitation of that loophole through their promotion of Dress Code Violator(TM) shirts.

Discussing a promotional t-shirt giveaway for another business, the founder of Dress Code Violator(TM), Ronnie Bramsche, suggested giving some girls spaghetti-strap tank tops. He was told those shirts would not meet the dress code of many schools.

Bramsche, fed up with what he sees as an overabundance of political correctness, and lack of freedom of expression, set out to rock the boat a bit. He was confident that other frustrated folks were out there who felt the same way and secretly wished to be “Dress Code Violators.”

Dress Code Violator ( designs and sells shirts with disguised phrases that normally would be a dress code violation.

So, what’s the loophole? These phrases have been anagrammed. For example, a student could not wear a shirt to school that reads: “I’m a Dirty Girl.” However, she could wear a Dress Code Violator(TM) shirt that reads “Grim Tidy Liar.” When she is ready to reveal the true meaning, which is out of sight, she simply flips up the bottom of the shirt and there it is.

Dress Code Violator(TM) also offers an interesting $5,000, risk-free guarantee. If the wearer of Dress Code Violator(TM) clothing receives detention, suspension, or even expulsion and wants to pursue legal action, the company will contribute $5,000 to the plaintiff’s legal expenses.

Dress Code Violator(TM) appears to be the first to exploit a loophole in the dress code of many schools and allows people to express themselves in a dress code violator fashion.

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