DANA POINT, Calif. — “Dogs with cancer can be helped using holistic pet care,” says Susan B. Davis, veterinary nutritionist for Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist ( Diet and nutritional supplements can help boost a dog’s immune system, increase longevity and overall quality of life. Dogs and cats with cancer need a diet that is high in quality protein, low in carbohydrates and rich in enzymes and Omega 3 fatty acids. However, depending upon the type of dog cancer, e.g. canine liver cancer and/or other complications such as canine kidney disease, a high protein diet may not be appropriate. Thus, a customized homemade diet for dogs is often required.

Davis teaches owners how to prepare a homemade diet for their dog or cat with cancer. She uses mathematical models to calculate the appropriate amount of protein, carbohydrates, fats and vegetables to include in the pet’s diet. She uses information about the pet such as its age, weight and current health problems, as well as lifestyle considerations of the owner, to determine the exact portions of each nutrient that are appropriate for the pet.

“Homemade diets for dogs with cancer can provide the highest quality of nutrients which will strengthen the overall health of the pet,” says Susan Davis.

Contrary to some claims, “people food” can actually be good for pets when it is made from wholesome ingredients and properly balanced. Susan Davis, a certified clinical nutritionist, will work with the dog owner to teach them how to feed their pet natural food choices. “Table scraps contain too much fat and other non-nutritious ingredients that can make pets sick, but fresh meals made with balanced ingredients can help strengthen their immune system and overall health,” says Davis. She encourages people to give their pets wholesome nutritious meals made from cooked fish, lean meats (if not allergic), brown rice, flax oil and fresh vegetables-otherwise known as “people food.”

Davis provides nutrition consultations to pet owners at the Veterinary Cancer Group in Tustin and VCA Arroyo Animal Hospital in Lake Forest, CA. Her website, is a library of common pet health conditions with guidelines on how to treat them using diet, nutrition and pet supplements. On her website, Davis provides a holistic protocol for pets with cancer. Davis has carefully researched the most appropriate holistic supplements for dogs and cats with cancer.

“Pet owners need to be careful about the nutritional supplements they use because they can interfere with medications. For example, dogs and cats with cancer undergoing chemotherapy should avoid using high levels of antioxidants,” says Davis. All of Davis’ supplements have been vet-approved and evaluated depending upon whether the pet with cancer is undergoing chemotherapy.

For more information about Ask Ariel Your Pet Nutritionist or Susan Davis, CCN, pet nutritionist, please visit or call 949-499-9380.

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