CORNELIUS, N.C. — With the uncertainty in today’s economy, job loss is a valid concern for everyone. And, for anyone struggling with a hearing impairment, the purchase of a modern digital hearing aid could preserve their career as well as their ability to hear; HearPod’s hearing aids can help. In times like these, with so much talk around the stock market plummeting, government bailout plans and the possibility of a new economic depression, employers are faced with tough decisions when forced to cut costs. And, for anyone who has not yet reached retirement age and is living with an untreated hearing loss, there’s a real possibility that their employment is at stake.

Randy Wohlers BC HIS of HearPodRandy Wohlers, founder of says, “With many employers evaluating their staff members to consider who will stay and who will go in a round of job cuts, anyone with an untreated hearing loss could be among the first to be let go. Digital hearing aids can be a real job saver.”

People who attempt to hide hearing loss may not be doing a very good job. More than likely, their inability to hear is evident in interactions with customers, co-workers and overall job performance.

So, what’s the alternative? When faced with possible job loss, the answer should be simple – get a hearing test and consequently, a hearing aid to save a job.

A hearing impairment can affect every area of a person’s life. One of the biggest problems faced by people who cannot hear, but do not purchase hearing aids, is the ability to make good decisions. This can also lead to rough patches on the work front.

People dealing with hearing loss automatically say “yes” if they did not hear a question. This is to spare themselves the embarrassment of asking for a question to be repeated over and over. This can be disastrous in business if constantly agreeing to do one thing, but actually asked to do another.

Nobody wants to be faced with losing their job, but right now that’s going to be the case for thousands of people. So, why not do everything possible to prevent that from happening and research what it takes to get a digital hearing aid.

About HearPod, Inc. – Hearing Aids is the successful culmination of 30 years of solving the needs of hearing-impaired people. HearPod hearing aids are 100 percent digital, full-featured and have some of the most advanced noise canceling and sound amplification computer chips available. Their innovative design also reduces sound feedback inside the ear, making HearPod hearing aids among the most comfortable to wear.

To get hearing tested and to correct hearing-loss problems, visit – or call Randy Wohlers at: 1-800-851-2414 for more information about digital hearing aids and overall problems associated with hearing loss and how to correct it.

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