Provides momentous efficiency enhancements by automating direct data interchanges regardless of the technology platform employed.

AUSTIN, Texas — deverus, the leader in background screening technology, today announced that it is ready to launch the new must-have in the background screening industry: an integration tool kit. The new tool is part of the many valuable features of enterpriseMX, deverus’ new software release.

Some of the most advantageous features of the integration tool kit are:

* An open Application Program Interface complete with client specific documentation

* A full integration into the background check process

* The power to establish and manage new sources of business

* Tailored search results

The Integration Tool Kit eliminates the overhead and delays associated with integration planning. What’s more, because the tool kit is written according to the HR-XML Consortium’s background checking standard, users can expect seamless integrations with HR systems including HRMS, applicant tracking, talent management software and more. Programmers will be pleased because the use of the HR-XML format eliminates diverse system compatibility issues and allows the information to be communicated seamlessly no matter what technology platform is being utilized.

The Integration Tool Kit also includes a client specific, comprehensive specifications document, allowing for a hands-off and one-stop interchange of background screening requests and results. One gateway, one login, and less hassle for everyone involved. This tool also has many security measures built in including 128-bit encryption multiple levels of verification, and more.

Knowing it would be more beneficial to clients and alliance partners to create tailored search results, deverus developed just that in its new integration tool kit. The “final report integration” allows clients or alliance partners to send over the needed data to perform a background check and then receive the HTML files or a secure web link to easily and accurately present the final report in their system. This allows the clients to automate ordering and result viewing from their internal systems, while keeping the result return easy and secure.

The “detail result integration” allows a client to send over needed data and get detailed XML results back for their parsing, manipulation, and storage in their database. This integration allows the ultimate in customization and flexibility. And finally, the “system hand-off” integration allows clients and partners to place a secure link that automatically logs clients from another system into the deverus system for ordering and results. This seamless integration makes it easy for the client to move between systems, while reducing the time and effort for integration.

“The Integration Tool-Kit is a revolutionary new feature aimed at helping our customers to continue offering more affordable services while increasing quality through integrations, and it will usher in a whole new framework for how background check companies do business with HR,” said Shawn Rucks, deverus’ CEO. “People are going to be amazed at how much time and money can now be saved through integrating with deverus customers.”

This feature is one of the many reasons that deverus’ new software, enterpriseMX, is making a stir in the industry. The Integration Tool Kit is also a prime example of deverus’ dedication to innovation and the concern for keeping their clients on the cutting edge in the background screening industry.

About deverus

Founded in 1998, deverus is the leading provider of software, integration technology, and strategic services for the background check industry. From system-to-system integration, customized and off the shelf enterprise level applications, to sophisticated tools that manage the information supply chain, deverus enables background check companies to dramatically lower operating expenses and increase revenues by connecting to customers, employees, and information sources online, anytime, from anywhere.

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