DETROIT, Mich. — While Dr. Mark Berkowitz’s patients complain frequently about drooping eyelids, sagging skin, and deep wrinkles, these days their main concerns are how to avoid surgery, anesthesia, lengthy recovery time, and hefty surgical fees. To satisfy his patients, Berkowitz and his Accents Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa now has a cache of non-surgical services to address this wildly growing trend… seen not only here in Detroit, but nationally. 2008 promises to be the year of patient satisfaction – as cosmetic-enhancement concerns are addressed with time-tested, safe, effective procedures NOT performed in operating suites WITHOUT the need for anesthesia.

For 2008, Berkowitz and his Sterling Heights medical spa staff have unveiled a 10 Day Make-Over sure to get his patient’s new year off to a great, new start. Like cosmetic surgery, Berkowitz explains, there’s not a single procedure that will address every concern for every patient – but the 10 day make-over offers the customized treatments that yield tremendous results collectively. Each patient works with a Coordinator to develop a unique treatment plan, executed over 10 days. Components may include Botox(r)Cosmetic to soften lines caused by facial gestures; complexion enhancing treatments; a skin tightening procedure; wrinkle fillers for deep lines framing the mouth or to enhance the lip’s border; and even make-up correction.

Berkowitz explains, regardless of the advances seen in modern cosmetic enhancement: (1) surgery will always yield more dramatic results than any non-surgical alternative; (2) failing to correct aging, sun-damaged skin in the quest for “tighter” skin is ill-considered; (3) consultation is critical and patients must educate themselves; (4) sunblock must be worn daily – even during a Michigan winter. As long as his patient’s fully understand these truths – and are appropriate candidates – 2008 should prove successful… without surgery.

Dr. Mark Berkowitz is a uniquely qualified cosmetic surgeon – one of only 18 others in Michigan with his certifications and expertise. As a fellowship-trained cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Berkowitz specializes in laser eyelid rejuvenation and revision procedures to correct less than desirable outcomes of other surgeons. For more than ten years, he has successfully transformed his patient’s visions of beauty into reality by sculpting sagging skin, redefining drooping jowls, renewing facial contours, and improving the appearance of aging, sun damaged and flawed skin.

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