SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Following her testimony in Budget Conference Committee today, Department of Finance Chief Deputy Director Ana Matosantos issued the following statement on the Governor’s efficiency and consolidation proposals and his commitment to eliminating waste in government:

“The Governor has been adamant that this budget not only be about cuts, but that we seize this opportunity to make real structural reforms that will help California in the long-run. That is why he has proposed a consolidation and reorganization proposal that would achieve at least $50 million in General Fund savings, and he has expressed agreement with some of the legislature’s consolidation and reorganization proposals.”

He added, “The Governor supports a targeted approach to making government more efficient, and to that end, he supports eliminating some agencies like the Labor and Workforce Development Agency, State and Consumer Services Agency and the Office of Planning and Research. We are open to discussing other proposals and welcome the legislature’s action to make government more efficient. The Governor has been clear that Sacramento must be serious about living within its means and that cuts to education and health care should not happen without first cutting government waste.”