NEW ORLEANS, La. — Esmeralda Liquors today released new facts about the recent surge in demand for real, natural Obsello absinthe in the U.S.; based on inside sales, production and distribution figures. Based on skyrocketing increase, the makers of Obsello — Esmeralda Distillery — is rushing pallets of Obsello to the U.S. by air in order to replenish rapidly depleting stock.

The sudden increase in growth is due to a number of factors, according to the Company, including recent grassroots efforts that include side-by-side tasting campaigns, unflinching reviews in the social media sphere and an onslaught of return and repeat buyers. The expansion the company has seen since entering the U.S. market has been on an exponential curve with cases sold rising no less than 1,000 percent each week. Distribution contracts have also doubled in the last month, and sales have more than tripled.

“We’ve conducted taste sampling for hundreds of food and beverage products, but never before have we seen this amount of interest for one single product,” said Kimberly Bulilis, Distillery Brand Manager of Vegas Market. “Where some of the more notorious brands are fading along with their brief moment in the spotlight, we think this is just the beginning for Obsello.”

In response to this surge, Obsello doubled its production capacity last month and is doubling capacity again this month by adding to its stock of copper alembic pot stills to its art-infused distillery in Northern Spain.

“We started with baby steps and are now taking huge strides to make the micro-distillery into a world-class spirits producer and to provide products to consumers who have been asking for more than just another drink,” said Director of U.S. Sales and Marketing Joanne Haruta. “We think we have given consumers something they have wanted for a long time: head-turning taste and unforgettable experience.”

Rick Delaup, creator of the classic and beloved Bustout Burlesque review variety performance, chose Obsello for their New Orleans’ House of Blues show for the Obsello Launch in New Orleans.

“During the event, the response we got for Obsello was fantastic,” said Delaup. “If any absinthe will outlive its fifteen minutes of fame, it will be this one. People loved it!”

The Esmeralda Distillery is becoming well known for its passion, quality and creativity – not shotgun mass production. While Obsello is now available on three continents and in four countries: the United States, Germany, Australia and Spain, its momentum in the U.S. has just begun, starting with top restaurants and bars across the country.

“We have been eyeing several new markets in the U.S. as well as two world-class cities in Europe.”

Esmeralda has also leaked two new products into a few choice U.S. markets and B. Alex had this to say about availability and inspiration of his products:

“We do have two new products, but for the most part, we’ve been hand-picking the opening venues for these new releases. Making spirits, for me, is an art. It’s not about re-creating and bottling something the world already has, it’s about making something different — and infused with the details of history and art. It’s exciting to see how much consumers and experts alike love Obsello. We looked to them both for inspiration, and credit them with our successes.”

About Obsello

Obsello Absinthe is an award-winning, authentic absinthe that is twice distilled and infused with eight natural herbs including grande wormwood (artemisia absinthia), anise and fennel. Hand-crafted in the Catalan region of Spain, Obsello is made in traditional alembic stills using an un-aged brandy base from the Penedes wine stock. Embracing original absinthe recipes once banned in the early 1900’s, Obsello excludes any artificial flavoring, coloring or essences and is distilled using quantities of wormwood that mirror commercial absinthe recipes from 100 years ago.

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About Esmeralda Distillery

Esmeralda Distillery, the makers of Obsello and Port of Barcelona Gin, is owned and operated by the distiller and his partners. It does not outsource any part of the distillation or bottling production.

The Esmeralda distillery is a fusion of modernity and antiquity, with state-of-the-art building design, quality control measures and bottling processes. Yet the hand-pounded copper alembic stills used for production revive old-world craftsmanship and skill – leading to richer flavors moving distilled spirits into a more experiential realm.

The Esmeralda Liquors Distillery is located in the ancient Catalan city of Lleida Spain and is situated at the base of the Pyrenees near Andorra and the French border. The location allows for the use of local, natural resources such as untainted water from the Pyrenees, and a rich agricultural setting that offers unique access to locally grown raw materials of world-class quality. Without these local ingredients it would be impossible to create the full-bodied, and highly concentrated flavors that have become the signature style of Esmeralda and distiller B. Alex.

Every product undergoes years of development before being released and strives to incorporate the regional flavors of Catalonia, with a modern interpretation of classic distilled beverages. Obsello invites you to taste absinthe again for the first time.