SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Kevin Baragona, founder and CEO of DeepAI, an online and API accessible AI (artificial intelligence) service that gives everyone the opportunity to use new AI technology to generate custom images, relevant content and more, has shown 10x user growth over the past year.

Launched in 2016 at, it was the first company to offer an online AI text-to-image generator. Conceptualized to bring AI technology to the masses, DeepAI is a free tool and requires no signup. For a nominal fee, it comes with the option to access Pro features and create more AI generated content. Unlike many other AI generation platforms and in line with US law, DeepAI makes no claim on the copyright of the generated outputs. This means they can be used freely by users for any legal purpose.

Generative Artificial Intelligence functions by building computer models from a broad dataset of examples. When users enter various inputs, DeepAI’s trained AI generators create something entirely new and unique.

“DeepAI is designed to not only simplify access to AI technology, but to deliver immediate results,” said Baragona. “Visitors to DeepAI will find the website streamlined, easy to use and fast. In the coming year my vision is to make AI accessible to users who don’t even use computers.”

The DeepAI suite of AI tools consists of approximately 30 AI generators available both online and via their API. Each API can be accessed readily through the user’s selected programming language allowing them to build their own applications.

Some of the most popular DeepAI tools are:

* Text-to-Image Generator. Users enter a description of the image they would like to create, select a theme and receive a custom image for download.

* AI Chat. An AI chatbot that can write content, stories, messages, or provide tutoring and advice on almost any subject.

* AI Image Editor. This allows users to upload their own file for editing. They simply describe the edits they want to make, and it will make them.

Images created by DeepAI users on its free tier are posted to its public community art feed for all to appreciate.

To further AI learning and understanding, DeepAI hosts an extensive repository of research papers and an AI Glossary that explain AI in great detail, from theoretical to practical.

DeepAI offers industry-leading email support where both paid and free users can easily reach a customer success specialist. This stands as testament to its commitment to its loyal user base, and the stability of its products to operate without issue.


DeepAI’s basic online features are available at no cost. The free tier usage limits vary based on type of use and are subject to change.

For those in need of more extensive use, DeepAI Pro is a premium offering for $4.99 per month that includes:

* 500 images per month; an additional $5 for 500 more.

* Private image generation.

* The complete image styles library.

* Full access to AI Chat

* API access, perfect for beginner and advanced developers.

* An ad free experience.

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About the Founder:

DeepAI founder Kevin Baragona is a professional software engineer and product developer with more than a decade of experience. His goal in designing and developing DeepAI is to create a comprehensive platform that’s intuitive for general practitioners, useful for developers to integrate DeepAI into their projects and to introduce learners new to AI to its many and varied capabilities.

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