SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — aethereal FORGE announces that Ninja lovers around the world will be celebrating the fourth annual Day of the Ninja this December 5. On this day, individuals are encouraged to dress up like ninja, participate in ninja-related activities, and spread ninja propaganda via the Internet.

The Day of the Ninja was created in 2003 as a response to that year’s December 5 release of the Tom Cruise film entitled The Last Samurai (which featured a scene where samurai battled ninja). On a larger scale, the holiday is seen as a response to the popular International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated every September 19.

“There is a popular Internet meme that establishes a rivalry between pirates and ninja,” said Michael Fiegel, creator of the Day of the Ninja. “Pirates are loud, flashy, rude and crude, and ninja represent the extreme opposite. It only seems fair that they should each get their own holiday.”

For obvious reasons, the Day of the Ninja is not called “International Talk Like a Ninja Day,” as ninja are known for silence rather than speech. Alternative names for the holiday have crept up however, with some referring to the day as “Walk Like a Ninja Day” or “Creep Like a Ninja Day.”

This year’s Day of the Ninja will also mark the long-awaited release of the Ask a Ninja DVD, a compilation of the popular Ask a Ninja podcast from the award-winning website.

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