LONDON, U.K. — Deep space transmission company SentForever ( will transmit website memorials into deep space on 2nd November 2008 as part of the Day of the Dead Festival in honour of loved ones who have died. This special deep space transmission will consist of a number of website memorials that are hosted by MuchLoved ( a charitable trust that helps people create personalised memorials for loved ones who have passed on.

The memorials which include details, memories and images of the deceased will be transmitted at the speed of light via a dedicated British Telecom transmission dish situated at the historic Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall, U.K. Each memorial is designed to last – quite literally – forever: an eternal memory for the senders of their lost loved ones. From transmission, the message travels over the Mediterranean coast at a height of 450 miles and within five hours leaves the solar system to continue its journey through space and remains travelling across the universe for all time.

MuchLoved was conceived and founded by Jonathan Davies after he suffered the sudden death of his brother Philip aged just 21 whilst at University in 1995. Jonathan says that, “The thought of precious memories travelling through space forever really appealed to our users and so we are delighted to be part of this event. The ability to continually track their progress as they move further and further into deeper space is particularly sentimental and fascinating.”

Stephanie Baillache of SentForever says: “In a world where so much is temporary in nature, it’s really moving to be able to ensure someone’s special memory will last forever. This is a unique way to recognise that for a relatively short period in the vastness of space and time somebody special once existed and lived on our planet. When all traces of our individual existence disappear at some time in the future, the Day of the Dead memorials will continue their way through the universe for the rest of time.”