GARLAND, Texas — DaveCo Industries recently entered into an agreement to acquire the The Striker(TM) product line from Simmons Tool LLC. The deal gives DaveCo all rights to manufacture and market the innovative stake driving tools both domestically and abroad. Dealers are currently being established in the U.S. and Canada, while international channels are also under development.

The Striker(TM) line, which is patent pending, was originally developed by Jim Simmons of Simmons Tool LLC to make the process of driving stakes more efficient and safe. The efficiency gains are made possible by the increased target size of the strike plate and added stability of the handle. Historically, the top of the stake has been the striking target, but The Striker(TM) enlarges the target with its strike plate, which protects the stake from damage and distributes the blow more evenly.

DaveCo Industries The process is made safer because The Striker(TM) handle keeps the user’s hand out of harm’s way while providing increased confidence to swing with full force. The end results are that stakes are driven faster, easier, and with less risk of injury.

Four models for The Striker(TM) have been developed to date. The Model100 (the original design) was developed to drive 1″ X 2″ stakes. Additional units include the Model200 (for 2″ X 2″ stakes), the Model300 (for 2″ X 4″ stakes), and the ModelR100 (for rebar up to 1.25″).

The Striker(TM) units are currently being manufactured in the USA by DaveCo Industries. With virtually no marketing to date, the company has received a tremendous amount of interest from a wide spectrum of stakeholders including end-users, potential dealers and distributors, construction firms, surveyors, insurance companies, and governmental entities.

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Valerie G, editor at CANW
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