GARLAND, Texas — DaveCo Industries recently demonstrated its commitment to quality and continuous improvement by achieving certification to AS9100, which has been adopted as the quality standard for the Aerospace Industry. Shortly after the recent certification audit of DaveCo’s management system and processes, the company received an audit score of 98.3. DaveCo is now officially certified to AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000.

The increased requirements of AS9100, which builds on ISO 9001:2000 elements, will benefit both DaveCo’s defense and non-defense customers since the standard focuses on critical areas important to all industries such as supply chain management and process control. DaveCo has focused on improving all processes for quality and efficiency gains, and the AS9100 push has been instrumental in making those efforts successful. The firm has also continued to implement Lean manufacturing techniques to meet the cost reduction requirements of its customers.

As the defense industry continues to push higher levels of production requirements down the supply chain, DaveCo is well-positioned to benefit from those opportunities from several prime defense contractors. The AS9100 implementation along with the continued Lean manufacturing push is helping DaveCo continue to be a leading supplier to the defense and other industries.

DaveCo Industries is a leading manufacturing services firm serving the aerospace, defense, energy, food and beverage, postal automation, semiconductor, transportation, and telecomm industries. The company provides precision fabrication and assembly services to the world’s elite companies and is AS9100 and ISO 9001:2000 certified.

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