GLENDALE, Calif. — Cyrios, Inc., a U.S.-based, California corporation, is meeting with their Asian and European partners to discuss expansion of commodity trading, specifically petroleum and coal, in the global market. Cyrios, Inc. was formed when members of two commodity-trading companies recognized the growth potential of combining these businesses to diversify their executive talents and trading expertise in multiple areas within the global trading market. The idea being that: clients will benefit from having all talents “under one roof.”

“In today’s evolving and expanding global marketplace, companies such as Cyrios, Inc. have to step up to the plate to offer their clients commodity-trading options in countries outside of the U.S.,” Albert Abkarian, President of Cyrios, Inc., explained. “There is a demand for these commodities and we have created a specific necessary expertise to meet that demand.”

Cyrios, Inc. boasts a staff of seasoned business professionals, attorneys, and former government officials. This team of experts offers companies the opportunity to expand their import/export business beyond current market boundaries.

“Expansion into the Asian and European commodity markets with major companies will open up many doors for our company and our clients,” Abkarian said. “We are strategically placed to coordinate the acquisition and distribution of a vast array of products, goods and services to foreign and domestic companies within the global marketplace.”

Since the merger’s inception, Cyrios, Inc. has successfully and safely guided their clients through the difficult global trading process.

“Due to a growing demand for secure and legitimate trading in the global marketplace, we predict that sales will exceed our expectations in 2008,” Abkarian said. “We are very excited about the future and the potential for exponential growth.”

As the authorized representative of their buyers and sellers, Cyrios, Inc. maintains solid, honest and transparent relationships with their suppliers, allowing them to offer clients competitive, and often, discounted prices on bulk commodities, worldwide.

Buyers or sellers will be guaranteed efficient assessment of export/import readiness, marketability and product distribution options in multiple international markets. All prospective buyers or sellers are given a thorough background check and probe to ensure the integrity of the business as well as the documents being submitted.

For more information, visit:, or call 818-241-1761.

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