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CULVER CITY, Calif. /California Newswire/ — CyberCopy, Inc. is excited to announce that it is the first, and currently only, company to offer the Rencay SuperFineArt(TM) scanning back imaging system in the U.S. To date, Rencay has been mostly exclusive to Europe and Asia.

Rencay replaces the Better Light scanning backs, which are still used by highly respected art museums, including the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the MOMA in New York City. For decades, Better Light produced the highest quality scanning backs in the world until it closed in 2012. To fill that market void, a group of experienced fine art scanning back users and resellers established Rencay USA to continue to support the scanning back technology, especially in art reproduction applications.

The Rencay scanning backs use a tri-linear CCD with three individually filtered rows of pixels that gather the image's information in one continuous scan; all pixels are pure, true RGB color.

"Hands down, it's the best technology for fine art imaging available. These machines are known for capturing image quality superior to large format film or any fixed-array digital camera," Larry Guyer, Rencay USA representative, says.

Formerly with Better Light, Guyer adds that, "Rencay does everything and more of what Better Light did."

Rencay's premium model, housed at CyberCopy, is the 416 Megapixel SuperFineArt(TM) Scan Back. It produces an impressive 2.32 Gigabyte, 48-bit image file (16,000 x 26,000 pixels) without interpolation and uses a patented technology that moves the tri-linear sensor in micron-increments to achieve a superior level of image resolution.

"Our intention is to use it for fine art reproduction work only," David Beardsley, president, CyberCopy says. "The combination of extraordinary detail, faster workflow and control of color and tones is unparalleled."

Imagers who demand accurate reproduction of the finest details in large art originals, manuscripts, scrolls and other subjects where absolute clarity is critical will see why Rencay is the clear choice.

About CyberCopy:

CyberCopy is a leading provider of digital print, imaging and document management services. Its clients are among the most successful and demanding companies in their markets. CyberCopy works with local and international artists, gallery owners and museums, to scan their original art to print exact replicas to sell or archive.



About Rencay USA:

Rencay scanning backs are designed and manufactured by Dipl. Ing. Martin Langfeld in Germany. Rencay is represented in the United States by Rencay USA, a group of industry experts with extensive scanning back experience. Visit:

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