LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Rhino Motorcycles, located in Sun Valley California just announced a special rebate program for the U.S. Military. The special program offers a discount of 5% or up to $1,000 off the purchase of a motorcycle. Rhino Motorcycles is the very first motorcycle manufacturer to offer this special discount to all the men and women of the United States Military who have served and are actively serving the country. The discount program applies to everyone stationed in the U.S., its territories, and those serving abroad.

Rhino Motorcycles has quickly worked their way up to becoming one of the country’s top custom motorcycle manufacturers. Operating out of their 50,000 square feet facility, technicians use the highest level of technology and manufacturing procedures to create their custom choppers and motorcycles. Each level in creating a chopper is well in synch from the design, fabrication, engine, and rear tire size.

Rhino Motorcycles Rhino uses the best materials such as S & S Engine, 6061 aluminum, Brembo brakes, Avon Tires, PPG paint, Mobil 1, and state of the art designs to ensure the delivery of the best product available. Rhino has been recognized for their outstanding customization and the affordability of each of their motorcycles.

Rhino’s brand new line of custom motorcycles are sold for as little as $5,295 for a starter bike, along with their fat tire pro street customized and designed by the consumer’s choice online for under $15,000. Rhino has responded accordingly to public demands for custom built and custom designed motorcycles that anyone can purchase without the custom price.

Rhino’s concept has also become a statement in other fields like the rider’s lifestyle offering dependability, safety, and quality. This all simply started when Rhino wanted to offer a ride that was less generic and more affordable to all consumers.

With complete custom chopper creations being the strong focal points to their products, Rhino delivers a bike that is simply amazing, powerful, and affordable, as well as being insurable and financeable. Rhino Motorcycles is proud to be a part of and found in the NADA, DOT, and Kelly Blue Book.

With that said, the U.S. military and its veterans are all entitled to the special discounted program from Rhino Motorcycles.

According to the company: “We are proud to be a leading custom motorcycle manufacturer, where each and every one of our bikes is designed and custom-made in Sun Valley, California. We think the time has come for an affordable custom motorcycle.”

For more information about Rhino Motorcycles, or to order a custom motorcycle online, visit or call (818) 550-5000.

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