PASADENA — Credit Crunch Fix has launched a legal document preparation service, to let consumers request relief from past due mortgage payments, credit card debt and even utility interruptions. The attorney-created service is not debt settlement or credit repair, nor legal counsel. Credit Crunch Fix allows consumers to exercise their legal rights, which often help to stop payments, and give consumers the financial relief they need. The Federal Government has made it known that congress passing a solution to the financial Credit Crunch is a top priority. While the government determines how to bail out the financial markets, the consumer is not getting the financial relief they need to help them avoid bankruptcy and stay in their homes.

Credit Crunch FixCredit Crunch Fix is a licensed and bonded Legal Document Assistant.

Crispin Luna IV, CEO of Credit Crunch Fix said, “We are consumer credit advocates and created the service to give consumers the confidence they need to contact their creditors, and start the relief process. Creditors want consumers who are behind on their payments to stay current and avoid bankruptcy.”

He adds, “It’s a matter of ringing the bell and starting the legal relief process. We give consumers the ability to help themselves get out of difficult financial situations within the privacy of their own homes.”

The service employs a patent pending process that integrates online wizards with artificial legal intelligence. Membership is only a $49.95 one time fee, with no recurring charges for unlimited use.

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