CD From 2 Artists on 2 Continents and 2 Years in the Making

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The full title of the new DJ Insane and The G-Man album (UPC 6-75604-10252-0) is “CRAZED + DAZED: An Experiment in Stimulating Psychotomimetic Manifestations Through the Use of Subliminal Bass Tones, Phase-Shifted Harmonics, Ultra Aural Distortion and the Relentless Application of Thump for the Rump.” But you can just call it “Crazed.”

The two artists have never met. Marcel V. Oosterom (DJ Insane) created rhythmic tracks in his studio in Holland. He then sent them to Scott G (The G-Man) in Los Angeles. That’s where Scott chopped, edited, squashed, and transmogrified the sounds, often adding choir and strings. “It was my goal to blend trance-style beats with the avant-garde classical works of Arvo Part,” Scott said.

When not composing and producing music, Scott G creates advertising campaigns for Fortune 500 clients. He writes the “Communication Nation” column for the Advertising Industry Newswire and the “Music Critics Must Die” column for the Music Industry Newswire. Albums by The G-Man are on Rhapsody and iTunes.

DJ Insane and The G-Man album When not creating beats and aural outrage, Oosterom tours Europe and the globe with the world famous DJ Insane show, bringing his unique brand of dance-trance to hordes of bodies-in-motion.

“Crazed” offers listeners seductive synths, pounding percussion, booming bass, and the grandeur of G-Man’s Chill Orchestra & Chorus. The “Crazed” album consists of 8 trance tracks that are “scientifically designed to make your partner dance like crazy, grin with inner joy, and make love like Zeus and/or Aphrodite,” according to Delvian Records, the label releasing the album.

MUSIC VIDEO: The Sunil Shibad video for “Trans Addiction” appears here:

“I enjoyed my two-year sonic excursion with DJ Insane,” G-Man states, “and look forward to working with him in the future. And maybe this time we’ll get to actually meet.”

Album: “Crazed + Dazed”
UPC: 6-75604-10252-0
Genre: Trance, Electronica, Dance
Performed by: The G-Man & DJ Insane
Produced by: Scott G
Mastered by: Art Sayecki
Album art and G-Man logo: Phil Hatten
Promotion/Distribution: Gate Media

Artist Web:
Artist Web:

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