BOSTON, Mass. — At the ATCA Summit 2007 show in Santa Clara, CA from October 16-18, 2007 (booth #417), CorEdge Networks, Inc., will be demonstrating its newest high-bandwidth, high-availability MicroTCA system (CEN-MICRO-xU14(TM)). The CEN-MICRO-xU14 is a high performance 19″ rack mounted MicroTCA platform designed for high performance applications such as GPON, Carrier Grade Ethernet and 3G/4G applications.

It supports up to ten AMCs, redundant CorEdge Networks’ MicroTCA Carrier Hubs (CEN-MCH(TM)) and Power Modules (CEN-MPWR(TM)). Available in various form factors, the 4U, 5U and 6U systems support single-wide AMCs and the 8U system supports single or double-wide AMCs. PIGMG AMC.0, AMC.1, AMC.2, AMC.3, and AMC.4 compliant modules are supported. The CEN-MICRO-xU14(TM) consists of a base chassis with a redundant dual star backplane. Networking, IPMI management, clock and power infrastructure are provided by optionally redundant CEN-MCH(TM) and CEN-MPWR(TM).

The CEN-MCH(TM) supports optional MCH clock modules for PCI Express, Telecom, and GPS applications and optional MCH fabric modules for PCI Express, sATA/SAS, 10GbE, and sRIO in redundant or non-redundant configurations. 20Gbps+ bandwidth per AMC performance is under development. The CEN-MICRO-xU14(TM) includes an integrated JTAG Switch module/Cooling Unit controller; dual front replaceable fan modules with removable air filters provide system cooling. An external AC to DC power supply is available.

Why the CEN-Micro-xU14(TM) is significant:
* High speed backplanes in compact form factors are critical for the next generation of Military, Communications, and Medical applications.
* If applications can move high volumes of raw data between processing components in real time, there are a number of system level advantages
o Ability to achieve greater levels of processing via parallelism
o Ability to mix commercial components with specialty solutions (e.g. Military / Cryptography)
* CorEdge Networks provides the only commercially available solutions for 10 GbE in MicroTCA
* The CEN-Micro-xU14(TM) is the first MicroTCA backplane architected to support 20Gbps of throughout to individual AMCs

“CorEdge Networks is pushing the envelope on high bandwidth, high availability MicroTCA systems with the introduction of the CEN-MICRO-xU14(TM),” said Will Chu, President of CorEdge Networks. “Bundled with the industry’s only 10GbE MicroTCA Carrier Hub (CEN-MCH-NE) solution, our redundant dual star system can deliver up to 680Gbps of bidirectional bandwidth within a MicroTCA system. The system also supports redundancy for IPMI management, clocking and power distribution for high availability applications. This combination of high bandwidth and high availability makes the CEN-MICRO-xU14(TM) ideal for mid and high range telecom system such as GPON and Carrier Grade Ethernet.”

The CEN-MICRO-xU14TM is available for immediate delivery

About CorEdge Networks
CorEdge Networks is a leading supplier of ATCA/MicroTCA/AMC/IPMI compliant infrastructure products including the industry’s first MicroTCA Carrier Hub (MCH), 10GbE MCH, MicroTCA Power Module, PicoTCA development platform, 10Gbps and 20Gbps FPGA-based AMCs and full ATCA Cutaway Carrier. CorEdge Networks customers include a number of leading telecom, military and embedded systems companies. Most MicroTCA working deployments use one or more CorEdge Networks components.

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