SaaSLOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 10 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Protecting documents and eBooks from copy and redistribution can be a daunting task when having to choose from a myriad of protective solutions that cannot thwart the simplest of bandits. But now authors can rest assured that their livelihood can be secured, by using an ArtistScope document solution to control exactly who and how those documents can be accessed.

“Copy protection and DRM (digital rights management) have been around for years and most of it is superficial and easily circumvented,” says ArtistScope CEO, William Kent, “but not so with CopySafe technology which provides the most secure copy protection and the only solution that is safe from all copy including print screen and screen capture.”

Combined with ArtistScope’s DRM technology you can now have the most secure document protection imaginable, where even if your document falls into the hands of an unauthorized user, one who has not paid for the privilege, then they will not be able to open it.

But the big plus with the ArtistScope PDF solution and DRM is that as the author of the document, you can change a document’s properties at any time with immediate effect over all documents, even those that have already been downloaded. For example if you want to revoke a user’s privileges or change it so that the document can no longer be printed, then you can simply update that document’s settings at your Control Panel for immediate effect.

With ArtistScope DRM you can control who can open a document, who can print a document and even how many times a document can be opened or printed. And when an expiry date is set, it cannot be foiled in the usual manner by turning back a computer’s clock, because it can use an online time server. However you also have the choice of only using the computer’s clock for documents that need to be accessed in the field without Internet access.

Almost any type of file can be converted to PDF and CopySafe PDF Protector can then encrypt it for the most secure copy protection with/without DRM applied. ArtistScope also provides a ready to use online service for DRM validation where you can simply upload your DRM documents and manage subscriptions straight away.

For the PDF Protection software and DRM Portal visit and learn more about ArtistScope Copy Protection Software at: .

For eBook and tutorial authors, protecting your livelihood has never been so easy or so effective.

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