Scent makes sense . . . according to God and Science

ORANGE, Calif. — Recent scientific findings indicates new niche fragrance, Virtue(R) parfum, and its inspirational concept are on solid ground with olfactory research, associative behavior research, and the Bible. “Virtue(R) was created to be a reminder for Godly focus and help a person connect through fragrance. We developed it for anyone seeking a relationship with their Creator,” said Vicki Pratt, President, of IBI.

Richard Axel, MD, Noble Prize winner for his olfactory research, indicates that as much as 5% of our genetic material goes into the makeup of our sense of smell, more than vision or hearing. Dr. Axel’s research revealed how more complex and sophisticated the olfactory perception mechanism is compared to the other senses.

Spiritual Perfume “No wonder God made a Holy Incense as a signature fragrance to be identified with only Himself,” continued Ms. Pratt. “It’s like your memories of a favorite loving relative who always wore her favorite perfume. Every time you smell that fragrance, a memory gets relived, with warm fuzzy emotions. Such a response was imprinted and enhanced over time, one fragrant moment after another. A simple association on the surface, but the revived memory has a profound effect on the mind and emotions, causing changes in our bio-chemical makeup. This imprinted response is how Virtue can help you recreate and reconnect to your spiritual experiences spontaneously.”

“We launched in the spring,” adds IBI CEO, Rick Larimore, “and fragrance professionals worldwide got excited over our new perfume concept. Perfume as a spiritual tool has never been an industry focus.”

Science has known since Pavlov’s dog experiments that repeated physical stimuli, through association, can bring about automatic physical and emotional responses. Other studies have since documented that high spiritual states bring about biochemical, physical and emotional changes in people.

“When spiritual experiences get associated with the scent,” Larimore added, “it’s reasonable to expect, that smelling the fragrance again, triggering the same physical and emotional reactions, will bring support of the spiritual state that originally caused them. That’s how Virtue’s inspired formulation can help access a state of spiritual connection, you’ve previously achieved through prayer, worship, meditation, etc.”

Many modern Christian religions rarely use incense or any fragrance, evidently not understanding its spiritual significance in worship. Yet, historically incense has been common in the worship service of most other religions, including some Christian sects.

“I think you can trust that God knew what He was doing. Biblically speaking, it’s apparent He knew about imprinting the consciousness of a human being long before we did,” surmised Mr. Larimore.

A biblical scholar recently suggested that fragrance in association with worship had been dismissed as a hallmark of Catholic idolatry. “An odd notion, since he implies God, by having a Holy Incense, is guilty of encouraging idolatry,” mused Larimore.

“6 years of our time and resources we’re given to create Virtue,” offers Ms. Pratt. “Spirit meticulously led us to create a quality product that honors and glorifies Virtue’s sacred mission. The wise men didn’t bring Jesus pot metal and herbs. They brought Him precious gold, frankincense, & myrrh. Valuing the spiritual side of ourselves is important.”

Mr. Larimore shared, “All people seeking an enhanced relationship with God, Christ or the Holy Spirit will appreciate how Virtue can hold open the inner doorway to the Still Godly Presence. You smell Virtue’s unique fragrance, sourced from biblical text, remember why you’re wearing it, then pause to reflect, shifting your attention and finding your Still Godly center, again . . . and again.”

“Virtue’s scent reminders are helpful even under stress, thanks to their capacity to have effects on subconscious triggers for spiritual connection, through repetition. You needn’t see this fragrance, or even be thinking about it to have it grab your nose’s attention, automatically reminding you. Associative behavior can be very effective when properly focused. Virtue’s constant, immediate access, as a perfume, makes its entrainment potential even more powerfully useful.”

“The real beauty abd blessing of Virtue is how it provides an outer avenue for the Holy Spirit to reach you, when your inner door is blocked by worry, doubt, work, want or other worldly thoughts. In time, you’ll find it easier and easier to make this transition from worldly to spiritual focus without the fragrance, our true mission.”

IBI’s current “Stay Connected” promotion is “15% or $12 Off” Virtue’s $80 cost, plus Free Shipping in USA and Canada, through November 18th. Simply type “stayconnected” in the Coupon space, during Checkout, in the shopping cart. Gift wrapping and personalized gift card are available for $5.

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Although IBI has had the Virtue website, since October, 2005, Virtue(R) perfume premiered at the Miss Anaheim pageant, March 11th, 2007, and officially launched on Virtue’s new website April 3rd. Five complementary products are in development. For additional information, please call 714-974-8333.

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