DENVER, Colo. — There is finally a green alternative for eco-minded travelers looking to get to the Colorado mountains this winter. The creation of Denver entrepreneur Kristopher Klain, Colorado Green Shuttle is the first carbon-neutral mountain shuttle service in the state. By using cutting edge straight-vegetable-oil (SVO) technology, Colorado Green Shuttle is able to whisk up to seven skiers to the mountains without using a drop of gasoline. And because it’s a SVO vehicle, the customized Ford Excursion used by Colorado Green Shuttle has a carbon-neutral footprint, a brave new step in the war on global warming.

“It’s really the simplest way I could think of to truly keep Colorado green,” says Colorado Green Shuttle Founder, Kristopher Klain. “The environmental cost of a standard shuttle trip to the mountains is simply too steep, so I decided to create a low-impact alternative. It’s a way for eco-minded travelers to get up to the mountains and leave the smallest footprint possible.”

Straight-vegetable-oil transportation has come a long way in recent years, and many environmentalists are saying this technology is key to reducing green-house gases and the effects of global warming. So what is carbon-neutral transportation? Simply put, carbon-neutral means that the plants grown to make the vegetable oil used by a SVO car or truck absorb more carbon-dioxide than is released by burning the oil.

“Of course, there is still an environmental impact associated with traveling,” says Klain. “But it’s really the most practical environmental alternative for this application. Vegetable oil fuel is also completely renewable – we can grow and re-grow as much as we want – while fossil fuels are not.”

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, the Colorado Green Shuttle also offers individual pickups from anywhere in the Denver area, a DVD library and beverages along the way. And, believe it or not, it’s actually cheaper than most shuttle services to the mountains, with direct luxury service to Vail costing $400.

“Our goal is to provide high-end, low-impact trips to the mountains,” says Klain. “By using our converted Ford Excursions, we’re able to create a level of comfort and service you won’t get in a larger van or bus. Plus, people are able to rest easy once they arrive, knowing full-well that they’ve done their part to help save the planet and keep our beautiful state green.”

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