SPOKANE, Wash. — Colligo Corporation celebrates 10 years as a leader in assistive technology with new magnification aids and lower prices on its complete product line. Colligo’s low vision magnifier for television, ezRead 200: Similar to a computer mouse, the ezRead 200 is placed directly on top of a book, newspaper or reading material to display the magnified image in full color right on a television screen.

Built in LD lighting enhances the reading experience. Magnification is at a level of the higher cost CCTV’s.

The 640 Digital Magnifier, for computers (Mac and PC): This powerful zoom digital viewer manufactured for the person with extreme low vision. The 640 Digital Magnifier displays greatly magnified images on a computer screen. Similar to a mouse, scroll over printed matter. The impressive 26x – 130x zoom magnification with LD lighting allows enhanced details of ordinary objects and greatly magnifies small type.

By using it in a hand held manner, other objects can be magnified and even saved to file using the built-in 640×480 resolution digital camera. Hobbyists, stamp and coin collectors, fly makers and others will be aided where limited vision makes the pursuit of these hobbies an impossibility.

Both models come with color ability and a one year warranty.

“This newest technology allows for better and lower cost compact cameras to be substituted for the high cost CCTV’s that many of our low vision population uses today,” states Doug Powles, founder of Colligo Corp.

For individuals with reading and/or vision challenges, Colligo greatly reduces the price of assistive technology. More information and pricing is offered from the company’s web site – http://www.Colligo.US .

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