SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Inlite Research Inc. announced today that Integra Group Inc, has selected the ClearImage Barcode 1D Pro and ClearImage Repair software engines for its DocuTrack pharmacy workflow application. Serving as the front end fulfillment and document tracking system for institutional pharmacies, DocuTrack demands the utmost accuracy and reliability in processing image documents. By taking advantage of the high performance engines in the ClearImage SDK, Integra enables its customers to automatically process orders via fax, email or document scanners, and to accurately track fulfillment orders from origination to completion.

Institutional pharmacies deal with a deluge of paper. They may easily receive up to 1,000 documents daily, which arrive by fax, email, digital sender or as paper. The documents, which contain prescriptions or refill requests for patients, must be retained for up to 7 years, and they must be available for review, inspection and audits at a moments notice. DocuTrack relies on the information recovered from barcodes on these documents to index and find the image of the source document that authorized the transaction.

Integra’s stringent performance requirements for DocuTrack required an exceptionally accurate barcode reading process, because errors would cause havoc in the timely fulfillment of prescriptions. The ClearImage engines can be implemented at appropriate points in the workflow, wherever the data from the image is needed. They are not attached in any way to the scanner hardware or driver. This flexibility has enabled Integra to deploy their application behind any of their customers’ fax servers and scanner systems.

“We tested a number of engines and the ClearImage barcode recognition engines proved to be the most reliable under all conditions,” said Dan Burell, Director of Software development for Integra, adding “we also found the engines to be simple to integrate into our application, and every time we had a question or issue, Inlite provided a timely and helpful response.”

The ClearImage engines serve a number of functions within the DocuTrack application:

    * Recognize over 20 different linear (1D) barcodes on images

    * Identify the prescription, enabling DocuTrack to extract fulfillment parameters from the Pharmacy system

    * Automatically orienting the images correctly to reduce operator fatigue and data entry errors

    * Allowing DocuTrack to route the approval and fulfillment workflow

    * Allowing DocuTrack to archive and index the images in a content management system

To date, the ClearImage engine performance has exceeded customer expectations by providing greater than 99% recognition. Pharmacies benefit from lower error rates, lower costs of operations and faster fulfillment of their institutional client prescriptions.

About Inlite Research Inc.
For over 15 years, Inlite Research Inc. has been a leading provider of image processing and barcode recognition technology to OEM developers of document processing and data capture applications. The ClearImage engines enable developers to automate business processes, to process documents and images and to capture data, thereby improving enterprise productivity, customer service and profitability. Inlite’s legendary support is provided directly by the engineers who developed the software, and accounts for the loyalty of customers. With over 30,000 installations worldwide, Inlite continues to innovate new imaging and barcode technologies. (

About Integra
Integra is a software company located in Washington State that specializes in the design and development of pharmacy workflow systems for healthcare providers. Since 2001, Integra has worked with more than 100 institutional pharmacies, reducing costs, increasing productivity, and improving customer service. Integra’s DocuTrack family of products is the leading pharmacy workflow and document management solution for institutional pharmacy operations. (

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