PARAMOUNT, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The City of Paramount has launched a pilot program to enhance air quality compliance in the city by submitting selected business license applications and renewals to South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) staff for their review.

City of Paramount

Under the pilot program, specified categories of businesses (those that could potentially require an air quality permit) need to show proof that they have been cleared to do business by SCAQMD to receive City approval. Then, in those same categories, the City will deliver renewal applications to SCAQMD for the District’s review and determination if the business needs a new or modified SCAQMD permit.

“Paramount remains open for business, and we are looking for innovators and job creators,” said Mayor Peggy Lemons. “Our licensing renewal procedure will help businesses comply with the rules while also enhancing environmental protections. Paramount’s licensing staff has worked quickly to change our workflow to incorporate greater SCAQMD involvement while preserving a timeline that is responsive to business needs. The City Council also appreciates the support and engagement shown by SCAQMD to help make this new process as effective and timely as possible for our businesses.”

The pilot program grew out of the close working relationship that has developed between SCAQMD and Paramount in response to the detection last fall of elevated levels of hexavalent chromium in an industrial sector of the city.

“SCAQMD is always seeking to improve our customer service, including for businesses seeking permits,” said Wayne Nastri, executive officer of the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  “The development of this licensing renewal review program is a reflection of SCAQMD’s partnership with the City as well as SCAQMD’s commitment to compliance and enforcement.”

The pilot program is a significant expansion over the existing review process that SCAQMD provides to cities.

Since last fall, SCAQMD has devoted significant resources in Paramount to help identify potential sources of hexavalent chromium emissions and reduce those emissions through several actions.

The SCAQMD Small Business Assistance Program provides guidance and helps small business owners file applications for any permits that are required by SCAQMD. Learn more at the AQMD website here:

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