SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Cinzia Designs is proud to announce that Redeux, their newest line of modern vintage sun wear, will be in Jane Doe John Doe, the new boutique from co-owner Project Runway star Jerell Scott. New vintage sun wear line redeux is “in” at famed new Hollywood boutique. Redeux is a new line of vintage-inspired sun wear that was created exclusively by new Cinzia Designs “Design Duo” Lindsey Reisack and Megan Brown to reach a younger, fresher audience. Exploring new styles and shapes, Redeux is a departure from Cinzia’s dominance in the baby boomer optical market.

The five piece collection mixes the most sought after styles of previous decades with the fashionable colors and materials of today, while still maintaining the classic Cinzia standard of quality.

Boutique owners Ani Lee and Jerell Scott chose to carry Redeux due to its unique appeal. Jerell states, “I am in love with the Redeux collection! I think the styles are smart, wearable and inspired without looking like any other sunglasses on the market. For that reason I am stoked to be able to offer them to my clients.”

Redeux is the newest concept in eyewear from Cinzia Designs, a well known staple in the retail boutique and optical industry. For Spring, Cinzia will be adding new exciting styles to their existing collections: Cinzia, Trendies and 5X5, as well as adding jewelry, accessories and cases to the Cinzia Brand. Redeux will be the first collection aimed exclusively at younger trendsetters.

About Cinzia Designs:

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Cinzia Designs is an innovative eyewear and accessories company as well as a division of Europa International, an eyeglass manufacturer known around the world for high-quality and high fashion eyewear as well as a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Cinzia, founded in 2002, draws on the unparalleled knowledge acquired from Europa’s 30 plus years in the optical industry.

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