MADRID, Spain — Cimaware Software has launched their newest product DeleteFIX Photo, a utility for the recovery of deleted digital photos. DeleteFIX Photo recovers deleted photo and video files from most digital cameras and other media including memory cards, hard drives, USB devices, pen drives and other removable devices.

A free, downloadable demo edition of DeleteFIX Photo is available on the Cimaware Software website.

The demo allows the user to recover, view and save the deleted photos, providing a full evaluation of the program’s capabilities. DeleteFIX Photo is an electronic delivery and has a completely automated order process.

“DeleteFIX Photo is an incredibly agile software, we are confident that it is the fastest and most effective deleted photo recovery tool on the market,” explains David Cimadevilla, CEO of Cimaware Software.

Cimaware Software is located in Madrid, Spain. The company has been producing data recovery tools since 1998. The prestigious MS Office file recovery product line, OfficeFIX, has been sold in more than 80 countries and to some of the largest corporations in the world.

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