LOS ANGELES, Calif. — China is a global powerhouse and China Sage Consultants, Inc. (CSC) actively assists resource-limited companies to execute business there. They are excited to announce that they have successfully assisted five companies to establish a strong presence in the Chinese market, thereby proving the effectiveness of their China Business Incubator (CBI) model. “The CBI is designed to operate as a true extension of our clients’ organizations while helping them to maximize sales results and minimize investment, learning curve and risk,” Chris Wingo, founder and president of CSC, explains.

To date, the five companies that have most benefited from CSC’s CBI program are: Buxco Electronics, a U.S. lab research equipment company; Kayser Textile, a German Industrial Filtration Company; Gymcol Adhesives, a Spanish Industrial Adhesives Manufacturer; General Electric Energy; and HM Stone, an Egyptian marble company.

China Sage ConsultantsFor each client, CSC was able to build a sales team; analyze the market; establish the sales plan and strategy; manage their ongoing sales efforts; and much more. CSC’s CBI was effective in providing each client with the resources and expertise needed to establish them and to grow their businesses in China.

CSC produces results while saving companies time and money. They can establish a seasoned CBI team within three months for one third to one half the cost of what a company would typically pay to set up their own operation in China. Plus, CSC’s proven track record in China assists new companies that join the program to lower their risk and produce better results than going it alone.

“We are exceedingly happy with our choice to join CSC’s CBI program to develop our presence in China,” Joe Lomask, president, Buxco Research Systems, Inc. explains. “CSC has helped us to make key decisions, both strategic and tactical, and to hire very qualified employees to operate our business.”

Lomask adds that, “Since doing business in China is so different than other parts of the world, CSC provided us with the edge we needed and had us up and running in minimal time with much less risk than if we tried to enter China alone. They also built up our business resources, market presence and closed enough system sales to more than cover our investment in China, all in less than two years.”

Currently, CSC is geared to assisting small to mid-sized non-Chinese owned and/or managed companies with a focus on business-to-business engineered (technical) products to operate in China.

CSC’s specialty is real, hands-on execution most notably in the area of sales and business development through their CBI program. They also provide supplemental services such as specialized recruiting, IP audit, sourcing, and technical products trading support.

In the spring of 2003, CSC incorporated in California. By April of 2005, CSC’s Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) became operational in Shanghai to provide a solid, in-China project execution capability.

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