NEW YORK, N.Y. —, a leading budget travel website catering to customers in cheap travel, has announced a sweeping overhaul to its customer service department, a spokesman from the company said yesterday. “Our customers spoke and we heard! We discovered that our customers were genuinely pleased with our products, but preferred reduced hold times,” said Ross Bogitch, the Call Center Director for

Ironically, it was the company’s immense popularity growth that initially produced increased customer feedback. That customer feedback prompted us to completely redesign the manner in which handles common customer issues.

Such changes included 24/7 customer support and an increased staff. “We determined that we needed to reduce customer hold times. The difference between having to wait ten minutes or fifteen seconds to speak with a representative can make all the difference in the world,” said Bogitch.

The results have been dramatic. Our hold times have decreased by 65% and caller abandonment rates have plummeted by 70%, creating a substantially more pleasurable experience for our consumers.

By month’s end, plans to unveil an enormous multi-national call center to allow for continued staff increases. In November, the company will also launch a state-of-the-art phone system with the ultimate goal of completely eliminating customer hold times — an ambitious feat for any large business.

“We believe that superior customer service creates a far more loyal user base, and isn’t backing off its pledge to create the industry standard for customer service.”

“CheapoAir’s customer service goal is One Call – does it all, to make finding cheap flights a hassle-free experience. We’re confident the steps we’ve taken to improve customer service will help our customers achieve this goal.” is a NYC based consumer travel web site offering low airfares to its 3 Million plus customer base. is the brainchild of a Group of Travel industry Professionals. Their vision has always been to infuse emerging technology into affordable travel solutions for the most budget conscious minds.

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