CHICAGO, Ill. — JF McCarthy MBA, with 37 years of construction management experience, recently earned the CFM (Certified Facility Manager) credential from the (IFMA) International Facility Management Association. This certification demonstrates a commitment and capability to optimize building cost and serviceability from construction to the end of its useful life. Of the over 60,000 worldwide IFMA members, there are only about 3,100 CFMs, and few of these are in the construction field.

Sustainability is a worthy and currently fashionable topic that is discussed more than executed. Some LEEDS goals, such as reduced distance from the building to public transportation, cannot be influenced the construction personnel. But, construction personnel can reduce building operating cost through selection and configuration of systems that make maintenance and repair less frequent, easier, and less costly. This is an unglamorous component of the sustainability process, but one that provides some of the most readily achievable and largest returns for the life the building.

Energy consumption reduction can be best implemented early in building design. Selection of energy-efficient equipment makes a welcome contribution. Also, attention to energy-efficient building envelope design to either retain or reject heat as is seasonally required, produces benefits for the life of the building. And this passive energy management is achieved much more by applying proven theory than by large cost expenditures.

The benefits of sustainability are well known to many, but convincing financial managers of a building project of the benefits can be a challenge. Using both business knowledge and the competencies provided by Certified Facility Manager training can help demonstrate alignment of sustainability values with the strategic goals of the company.

This integration of lifecycle costing and construction technology is prized by building owners and managers, but is often poorly understood by the design and construction team.

Says, McCarthy, “My recent book, ‘Choosing Project Success – A Guide for Building Professionals’ (ISBN 9-7809-799969-0-0)’ integrates construction management and technology to minimize building operating costs and maximize useful life.”

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