DALLAS, Texas — QBOS, Inc. (, a leading developer and provider of innovative web based management solutions serving large and small businesses, today announced that Cbeyond Inc. has successfully launched its TradeSpace Management System to their nationwide Field Service Partner network. The QBOS TradeSpace Management System will extend process automation, document management, workforce management and collaboration capabilities beyond corporate boundaries to Cbeyond’s field service partners who provide VoIP equipment, installation, and other communications services to Cbeyond’s 35,000+ small business customers.

“We are extremely satisfied with our return on investment in the Tradespace Management System from QBOS,” said Richard Batelaan, chief operating officer of Cbeyond. “QBOS implemented a customized solution within 60 days, including a workflow system that encompasses 180 of our national service partners. As soon as the system went live, we were able to drastically reduce our paper usage and save time. Their deep understanding of our business and commitment to high-quality customer service has made them a trusted partner.”

QBOS customized the feature rich TradeSpace Management(TM) system, an innovative combination of Business Process Modeling Software, Portal technology and a unique instance based contextual routing engine, to give Cbeyond a real-time view into the service installation job stream as work progresses in the field. The TradeSpace Management System monitors all work flows, isolates remote process breakdowns, and initiates corrective actions enabling central operations to respond more quickly to the needs of remote personnel in the field.

“It’s a smart product for smart companies,” says Bob Henderson, Chief Executive Officer of QBOS. “We knew going into a well managed public company, like Cbeyond, would mean competing against the software industry’s best available solutions. Not only did we have to show something better, we had to show something new – and we did just that.”

Maintaining a competitive advantage with efficient operations requires providing secure, reliable and accurate information exchange between companies and their human resources. The TradeSpace Management System automatically manages the information and workflow exchange rules in accordance with a company’s policy requirements while providing the flexibility necessary to optimize or change relationships and workflows in real-time, without invasive or complex programming. With access to real time information provided by the Tradespace Management System’s dashboard reporting, clients can respond quickly and accurately to changing conditions, mitigating risk to the business. The TradeSpace Management system also stores Disaster Recovery and other contingency response processes for immediate activation.

“We know that every company is unique and believe that web based software has to be something more than just a template service. Our solutions are non-disruptive to current operations, do not create a burden for IT, and solves real problems enabling change without the considerable expense and overhead typically found with competitive solutions. QBOS is Cbeyond’s trusted partner because of our extensive knowledge and experience in the service provider segment and our solution’s ability to be rapidly deployed with quantifiable results,” said Henderson.

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About QBOS, Inc.
QBOS, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative SaaS and web enabled software management solutions serving large and small businesses. The QBOS Inc., TradeSpace Management System(TM) securely extends workflow and information exchange across corporate boundaries within a variety of market segments and industries. QBOS, Inc. also offers a wide range of modular office automation applications that include CRM, SFA, BPMS, Inventory Mgt, SCM and much more allowing service providers to enter the SaaS market with co-branded or private label applications for resell.

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