SACRAMENTO /California Newswire/ — Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today announced that 36 film and television productions are set to shoot during the last quarter of 2009 as a direct result of California’s recently launched film and TV production incentive. The Governor successfully proposed and pushed for the Film and Television Incentive as part of a package of economic stimulus measures, which was passed by the state legislature in February 2009. Aimed at curbing runaway film and television production, a total of 50 projects have been approved for the program to date.

“I’m thrilled by the early success of our program – it’s having an immediate impact,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. “Productions that were slated to film outside the state have shifted gears and are now shooting in California because of our film and television incentive. This is not only great news for our production workers, but for the thousands of small businesses that support film and television production in California and our state’s economy as a whole.”

The California Film Commission, which administers the incentive program, reports that among the 50 approved projects 50 percent are for independent feature films, 22 percent are for non-independent (studio) features, 8 percent are for direct-to-DVD films, 14 percent are for movies of the week and 6 percent are for TV series. Fourteen projects have already begun filming, and 22 more will begin before the end of the year. The remainder will begin filming in early 2010.

Notably, Sony Pictures Television’s new series for FX, “Lawman,” about a U.S. Marshal, will begin production in late October in Santa Clarita. The show is set in Kentucky and the pilot episode was photographed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Thanks to the production incentive and with assistance from the guilds and unions, we were able to prevent this show from leaving California,” said Ed Lammi, Executive Vice President of Production for Sony Pictures Television. “We are extremely grateful that this new program allows us to keep the series here.”

While many of the productions are slated to film in the Los Angeles area, other regions around the state will also benefit from an increase in production activity. Several productions are set to film scenes in Fresno, Kern, San Francisco, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Other approved projects slated to begin production this quarter include Burlesque, Beginners, Social Network, The Raise, Answers to Nothing, Dinner for Schmucks and Max Rose.

“Our members are starting to see results and are getting calls from productions that have qualified for the program,” said Steve Dayan, Business Agent for Teamsters Local 399. “I am happy to see tangible jobs being created so quickly. This is great news for my members and our industry.”

“Every week we learn of another production slated to film out of state that have instead chosen to stay in California,” said Amy Lemisch, Executive Director of the California Film Commission. “The program is performing exactly as it was designed to, leveling the playing field and keeping us competitive.”

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