LOS ANGELES, Calif. — The online record company, BETA Records (, invites you to accept a paying job with their company. According to BETA founders Chris Honetschlaeger and Georg van Handel, you can become an A&R (artist & repertoire) representative and turn your love of music into cash.

BETA Records launched a module within its website that allows anyone to apply as a street team A&R member. Once registered, you can discover unsigned artists, have them join BETA, and earn money for each new indie artist signed.

“We are taking the lost art of A&R and putting it back into the hands of music lovers,” Honetschlaeger states. “Major labels seem to have no budget and no interest in searching out new up-and-coming acts at local city venues. Our Street Teams have a passion for this,” Honetschlaeger adds.

BetaRecordsApproved BETA Street Team members are assigned a 5-digit code that can be given to an artist to join and upload music and pictures to the BETA Records site. This automatically triggers a cash transfer to the Street Team member’s PayPal account.

BETA will award a bonus of $5,000 to the Street Team member with the highest number of sign-ups by Dec 31, 2007.

To try the system, go to: .

“We’ve made a real effort to keep the technology as simple as possible and the user experience positive. Street Team members need only focus on finding new acts and bringing them to our music community,” van Handel said.

“At the end of the day, we are paying people to do something they think is great: talk about and listen to music,” said Honetschlaeger.

BETA Records, a 21st century blend of virtual and brick-and-mortar organizations, is a Web site, record label, mobile recording facility, and a haven for DIY (do it yourself) musicians seeking distribution channels for their work.

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