SACRAMENTO, Calif. /California Newswire/ — Today, Calif. Assemblyman Ken Cooley announced that Governor Jerry Brown, in one day, signed into law five bills he authored this year: AB 117, AB 918, AB 1030, AB 1248 and AB 1289. “My bill package this year has focused on a variety of issues that make government more accountable, relieve some of the bureaucracy, and focus on the quality of life policies that matter to my constituents,” said Cooley.

Assemblyman Ken Cooley“We have a great system, but we all know it needs improvements. Really, I have focused on making what we have better,” Cooley added.

AB 117 is a taxpayer protection measure to improve state agency efficiency and administration by requiring the Department of Finance to issue training and reporting guidelines for the professionalization of independent monitors. When the independent monitor requirement was added as a taxpayer protection in 2011, it was one of the most important safeguards added to the state’s basic fiscal administration law in almost 30 years.

AB 1248 is a companion taxpayer protection bill authorizing the State Controller to work with local governments and stakeholders to develop best practice internal controls designed to prevent and detect financial errors and fraud in local government agencies.

AB 1030 saves California Community College Districts time and money by allowing the option for student association leaders to appoint a trustee to the governing board for the balance of the term, to ensure a student voice in decision making. If a student trustee seat becomes vacant during the term, this bill now allows an appointment instead of holding a midterm election.

AB 918 increases the safety of seniors and functional needs persons in an emergency or natural disaster by directing the Office of Emergency Services to include in the State Emergency Plan best practice procedures regarding emergency and evacuation procedures.

“As the most populous state in the nation, it’s important that we be ready to respond to emergencies and natural disasters as quickly as possible,” said Cooley. “In those situations, we must not forget about our senior citizens and people with disabilities. In recent disasters elsewhere in the nation, these people have been overlooked in the wake of a crisis, and that is not acceptable.”

Finally, Governor Brown signed Assemblyman Cooley’s AB 1289, designating the California Vietnam Veterans Memorial, next to the Capitol Park Rose Garden, as the official state Vietnam Veterans War Memorial.