TORRANCE, Calif. — Otane, Inc. has launched a new service for martial artists and MMA fans called The video sharing site allows users to upload their videos for free, participate in ongoing forums, receive up-to-date news via RSS, and allow groups and clubs to be formed within the site.

The mission of the site is to bring martial artists and fans in one area. “YouTube and the other major video share sites emphasize entertainment,” says James Liu, a black belt martial artist and creator of the site. “We want martial artists to share their techniques and spread their knowledge.”

According to several studies, 5% of the world’s population participate in martial arts activities.

BudoTV video sharing With the recent explosion of the UFC and MMA events, interests have shifted towards the martial arts away from boxing. Because of many styles emerging, there has been a lack of directories and resources to organize such information. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo have not yet categorized the different martial arts and have left it up to the user to find such ways.

“BudoTV will serve as an information site for people to experience martial arts videos that concentrate on different styles. This will give the user the experience something that they would not be able to see in one site,” comments Liu.

BudoTV will concentrate on enhancing the user experience by inviting top martial artists to participate and showcase their skills. Already, martial artists such as Rigan Machado and Erik Paulson have indicated that they will sign with the service.

The philosophy of the site is to bring together people from around the world to participate in one unique site. There is a section for users to learn more about video filming, editing, and sound design. The crews of has experience in the Hollywood film industry and are willing to share information to increase the quality of videos for the user.

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