BOSTON, Mass. — Michael J. Baker, co-founder of New Gravity Media, and the director and writer of the successful film “14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary” has officially announced his plans to instruct a series of dynamic educational seminars on the scientific theories and principals involved with paranormal investigation.

The seminar series, which is set to begin on June 28th, will not only outline the history of paranormal activity and research, but also provide attendees with a live interactive demonstration of the principals of energy, the design and function of investigation equipment and the scientific techniques for the capture and evaluation of evidence.

“My goal here is to educate and hopefully inspire people to want to learn more,” says the 36 year old film maker. “You don’t have to be a scientist or college professor to understand this stuff. In fact we’ve gone to great lengths to make sure we present things in such a way that anyone can understand them. All you need a willingness to learn.”

According to Baker, there has been a diminishing presence of true scientific understanding within the paranormal research community, and throughout the years, with the increasing popularity of paranormal investigation, some of the new and growing research groups have been concentrating more on their public image and organization and less on related education. A trend, says Baker, which hinders the chances for any true progress or advancement in the field.

“An organized, professional group is great, but it takes more than t-shirts and business cards to find answers. Especially in a field like this one, where so much is still undiscovered. It’s amazing how many investigators I’ve met over the years that use sophisticated and expensive measuring equipment, but really couldn’t begin to tell you the principles or even the history behind what it is they’re measuring,” says Baker. “Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone in the field, but it does seem to be a rapidly growing trend that we’re hoping to help change.”

In addition to his history in the entertainment field, Baker’s certification as an electronics engineer and years of experience as paranormal researcher, technician and documentarian make him uniquely qualified to instruct this particular subject.

“This really isn’t like any other paranormal seminar out there,” says Baker. “I wanted to go beyond the typical presentation of evidence and investigation protocols, and I certainly didn’t want it to be just another long lecture. This needed to be something that people could get excited about. Something that’s entertaining as well as educational.”

During the four hour seminar Baker utilizes energy from high voltage power supplies, such as corona generators, plasma spheres, high intensity lasers and a 770,000 volt Van De Graff generator which he uses to help demonstrate the unusual properties and environmental effects of energy and how it could relate to paranormal activity. He also provides audience interactive demonstrations on various subjects ranging from paranormal evidence analysis and photography to physics, light, and sound. All presented in a straight forward easy to understand format, allowing the audience as a whole to help determine the characteristics and make up of paranormal energy.

“I want to show people that there is an exciting, informative and tangible side to this type of research that needs to be understood before you can make any determination about the evidence you collect. You need to know what’s normal, before you can determine what’s paranormal, and that’s what this seminar series is all about.”

The seminar, aptly titled “The Science of Paranormal Research” (Ghost Hunting) is part of the New Gravity Media seminar series.

For more information please visit or contact: Michael Baker of New Gravity Media, 1-888-850-5125, mbaker@newgravitymedia(.com).

Valerie G, editor at CANW
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