OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., March 4 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bondtrac, Inc. (, a privately-held fixed-income information and analytics provider announced today the launch of Bondtrac Live Order Message, a pre-trade disclosed direct counterparty message system for the fixed income industry. The Live Order Message system maintains full price transparency with orderable offerings directly between counterparties without intermediary mark-up or commissions.

A key benefit of Bondtrac Live Order Messaging is complete transparency for counterparties. “For fifteen years, the Bondtrac system has been pre-trade disclosed and the new order messaging system continues this legacy. On the Bondtrac system, participants always know the identity of the counterparty before ever sending or confirming an order. There is no intermediary – just direct information flow between trading partners,” said James Rucker, Chief Information Officer.

Bondtrac “The Bondtrac order messaging capabilities provide the dealers with the ultimate control over who has the permission to view and place orders for their offerings.”

Bondtrac’s long-standing technical and analytical depth, coupled with an industry leading user-friendly interface provides the platform for Bondtrac Live Order Message. It is a powerful tool for broker dealers, irrespective of size, looking to reduce significantly the cost associated with electronic bond trading. “What makes Bondtrac Order Message so compelling to our industry is how we have pulled together all the audiences allowing each participant to interact with the true counterparty without Bondtrac getting in the middle,” said Chairman and CEO James A. Tappan. “We are pleased to provide the answer to the trading communities need for a transparent, lower-cost, alternative in fixed income electronic trading.”

Bondtrac Live Order Message provides flexible implementation for dealers to fit their firm’s needs. The dealer can configure their inventory so that orders for their offerings are automatically confirmed or they can choose to specifically respond to and confirm each order as it arrives. This combination of up to 30,000 dealer offerings, superior analytics and now direct counterparty messaging gives the bond community a new dimension of low cost, high efficiency order management tools to address more opportunities for profitable trading.

About Bondtrac, Inc.
Bondtrac, Inc. ( is a financial information provider delivering a broker neutral, live network, open to the entire fixed income community. The premier Internet based company and only web-based system with true counterparty transparency, Bondtrac empowers traders, brokers, advisors and investors with market intelligence and analytical tools to make well-informed investment decisions. Over 100,000 participating users have depended on Bondtrac to provide quality and reliable pre-trade information leading to more than 2 million transactions in municipal, corporate and agency bonds.