DALLAS, Texas — Biometric Signature ID (“BSI”) and Quick Business Operating Systems (QBOS) today announced a strategic alliance that will enable BSI’s dynamic biometric authentication and verification solutions to seamlessly operate within QBOS’s Business Process Automation Suite of products. BSI’s solutions give businesses’ using the QBOS TradeSpace Management System(TM) a strong identity authentication solution to prevent unauthorized user access online. “BSI is working with QBOS to deliver a heightened level of online security while protecting the convenience and access of information that their customers have come to expect on the Internet,” said Jeff Maynard CEO at BSI.

“QBOS greatly enhances performance and quality of client internal processes by managing the intellectual capital of its clients. BSI will add the extra dimension required to protect these assets from non-authorized abusers without hindering the user experience.”

“There has been increasing reports of both insider and hacker attacks against corporate assets making identity management a serious threat. Within a month of announcing a data breech, the average price of stocks in public companies fell by 5% and did not recover to pre-incident levels for nearly a year. Failure to verify the ‘real’ user is a major source of identity fraud that contributes to over $50B in annual losses,” states Maynard. “Through our own innovation and through partnerships with leading providers like QBOS, BSI is working to reduce the risk of online fraud and identity theft when using an online portal site for CRM and workflow operations.”

“BSI’s design is superior to the approach currently supported by competitors,” said Jim Lord, CTO and Founder of QBOS. “BSI’s Identity verifications systems, and two-factor authentication are both achieved without forcing users to install any software, or carry any devices and the login process is accomplished in seconds. That is a huge advantage for ensuring minimum user impact while delivering maximum multi-factor identity authentication protection.”

About Quick Business Operating Systems

QBOS, Inc. is a leading provider of innovative Saas and web enabled software management solutions serving large and small businesses. The QBOS Inc., TradeSpace Management System(TM) securely extends workflow and information exchange across corporate boundaries within a variety of market segments and industries. The TradeSpace Management System(TM) allows clients to create highly customized and dynamic ecosystems enabling new methods to optimize working relationships, create joint services, and share information or human resources with trusted business partners. QBOS Inc. also offers a wide range of modular ERP applications such as CRM, Inventory Management, Sales Force Automation, Project Management, and much more. All QBOS applications feature integrated Business Process Management Software which allows clients to create custom processes, workflows, and fully auditable application solutions without programming. For more information, please visit:

About Biometric Signature ID

BSI provides solutions to reduce identity fraud through its’ patent pending BioSig-ID Online(TM) and BioSig-ID WinLogon(TM) biometric handwriting and gesture technologies. Activation is from any mouse, stylus or touchpad on any PC anywhere, anytime. BioSig-ID captures HOW you write/draw including your speed, direction, angle and length which are unique to each individual. Users enroll one time to create a profile (stored in a secure database) and thereafter validate their identity in seconds.

The way you draw or write with a mouse cannot be lost, stolen or borrowed – a major concern with PINS, passwords and tokens. When a user ID’s password or token is stolen or shared with a colleague, the system cannot know who the actual physical user is and theft can occur. BioSig-ID stops identity fraud by restricting access to only registered users who verify themselves against their stored biometric profile.

BSI also offers Click-ID(TM) technology that is stronger than a “hard” password or personal questions by clicking on specific objects from a selected image to verify the user’s identity. BSI’s electronic signature Sig-ID Online(TM) enables users to sign contracts online instantly, thereby increasing revenues and providing proof that the user authorizes the action. BSI offers a complete line of solutions to meet the authentication and authorization needs for a wide range of industries. More information,

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