HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Georg van Handel (CEO) and Chris Honetschlaeger (President) of BETA Records, LLC, announced today that they will partner with Audiobaba to match mainstream artist searches to unsigned artists. Using their proprietary acoustic fingerprinting technology, users of the upcoming new BETA Records site will be able to discover new music from unsigned artists around the world simply by typing in a mainstream artist name.

BETA Records ( will utilize Audiobaba to enhance a highly immersive and engaging music experience that creates close connections between unsigned artists and indie music fans on the new site slated for release later this year. Independent artists can easily upload their music and get exposed to a world-wide audience.

BETA Records Audiobaba“With Audiobaba’s technology, artists on our site will have a greater chance of being discovered by music fans that would most likely enjoy their work. The fans will have an easy tool to find new music, all under one roof in a social music setting,” said Chris Harper, BETA CXO (Chief Experience Officer).

“BETA Records is one of our first licensing partners and immediately understood the value of providing a mechanism for visitors on their site to easily find music out of the BETA catalog by searching for a mainstream artist,” said Audiobaba Founder and CEO Michael Kuhlmann. “We’re very excited about our relationship with BETA Records and their plans to incorporate our engine into the core of their site, serving local and international visitors.”

About BETA Records
BETA Records leverages online techniques, combined with valuable label resources, to discover independent artists and expose them in an upcoming robust social music community of listeners. With localized versions of the site in multiple countries, artists can truly get exposed to a world-wide audience, and fans can have fun listening with their friends and making new ones.

About Audiobaba
Vancouver based Audiobaba ( bridges the gap between music tracks by objectively linking them based on acoustic similarity. A proprietary acoustic fingerprinting and ranking engine is used to match other tracks that have similar acoustic features, whether these tracks are well known or not, and regardless of whether the track was just added to the database or months earlier.

Audiobaba’s technology is particularly well suited to matching up mainstream searches to longtail content. A very simple web based API connects search requests to heavily optimized servers for quick similarity results. Label partners are able to contain the results to similar sounding tracks in their catalogue and provide search results even if the search was started with a mainstream artist by the user. Other partners are able to supplement their search results with acoustically similar content for further user discovery and transactions.

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