Temptations’ new album scheduled for release on New Door/Universal on September 18

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — With the opening of the new BETA Studio in the Los Angeles facilities of BETA Records (, musicians have a new home for creativity. “(The) new studio is 1,500 sq. ft. pf sonic magic!” says Otis Williams, lead singer of legendary recording artists, The Temptations.

“It was exciting to launch our new recording studio with a week-long album session starring music industry legends, The Temptations,” states Georg van Handel, BETA’s CEO. “It was great watching the five vocalists interact, and when we brought in the horn section, things were really jumping.”

The Temptations began on Motown Records and are now on New Door Records, a part of Universal Music Group. “Their track record since the 1960s has been astonishing,” notes Chris Honetschlaeger, BETA President, “with multiple Gold and Platinum records and four Grammy awards.”

Recording took place in the BETA Studio for a solid week on The Temptations’ new album entitled “Back to Front,” scheduled for release on New Door/Universal on September 18. “We enjoyed the BETA team, and the studio is 1,500 square feet of sonic magic!” says Otis Williams, lead singer, The Temptations.

Founders van Handel and Honetschlager Photo Caption: Founders Georg van Handel (L) and Chris Honetschlager (R) of online music company BETA Records appear next to a video backdrop in the new BETA Studio.

The BETA studio is equipped with digital and analog equipment. Utilizing the “all native” Mac / Logic / Apogee Symphony combo not only allows for the best A/D and D/A conversion, it also enables producers to patch into top-of-the-line outboard gear like GML, Manley, Universal Audio and much more.

The studio, located off Sunset Blvd. in the heart of Hollywood, includes a video production room with green screen, interview room, make-up room, DJ and Internet radio production areas, kitchen and guest room.

About BETA Records
BETA Records bridges digital distribution with traditional record label functions to launch independent artists in an upcoming social music community. With localized versions of the site in multiple countries and offering far more than just profile pages, indie musicians can reach a world-wide audience — and fans can have fun listening with their friends and making new ones.

View signed Temptations poster from the recording sessions (768×1178 pixels in size):

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